Free Birthday Party Place For Kids, Bring Your Moonwalk, Pinata, Groups…..Check Out Clay’s Restaurant in Houston Texas

Note: The photos above were not taken at Clay’s Restaurant. It is only an example of what a peacock and a horse look like in an outdoor setting just in case you were not familiar.

Clay’s Restaurant located on Clay Road in Houston Texas offers a free party area for birthday parties or whatever celebration you have in mind. All you have to do is call, reserve the date and let them know how many people are attending your party.

Clay’s Restaurant
17717 Clay Road
Houston, Texas 77084

Ph: (281) 859-3773
Fax: (281) 859-1574

The burgers at Clay’s Restaurant are great and so are the onion rings. Clay’s Coca-Cola is really good because it has a tons of fizz [that coke was soooo good].

Twice, I have visited Clay’s with my kids or some other moms with kids. Our lunch was worry-free. The kids seem to loose all interest in the food because they want to run out and pet all the animals. That means that “the parent” can enjoy the meal.

Clay’s has a huge sandbox, a horse, rooster, peacock, several goats, an old wagon and a huge fenced in corral for your young ones to run around in while you enjoy your food and beverage on the patio or inside the cool restaurant.


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  1. I don’t know if Clay’s used to be free, but according to their website the basic birthday party package is $50 + $4.99/kid. Still, that’s the cheapest I have found!

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