Back-To-School Sales and Backpacks Tax Free Shopping In Texas

Hannah Anderson Boy's Backpack

Hannah Anderson Boy's Backpack

They Are So Cute!

UpdateSam’s club has backpacks for under $15.00.  They are not the roller/wheeled ones but they look sturdy.

The backpack is not listed on the website but it is in the store.|RisingSearches

Check out the Disney Store for backpacks and lunchkits.  I bought my son’s backpack last year from the Disney Store for 50% off about one week before school started. 

The upper portion of his backpack did tear but I managed to repair it with my sewing machine and all was well.   In other words, I would go with a more expensive backpack and not go with the cheapest.

Today I visited the Academy Sports and Outdoors  store on the Grand Parkway and I-10.

Academy JanSport Backpack

Academy JanSport Backpack

They have a very nice roller wheeled backpack for $19.99.   They are great for the price but they do not have the automatic release on the handle which I think the kids need when they are at school.

For some reason Academy does not have the wheeled $19.99 backpacks listed on the website nor are they located in the section next to the “school backpacks”.  The wheeled backpack is located next to the doggie kennals in the back aisle of the store.

Academy also carries JanSport backpacks for $29.99 and up which have a one year warranty for things like a broken zipper. 

The wheeled JanSport backpack starts at $59.00.  Here is the JanSport website if you want to read up on their warranty:



Girls' Skirt From Hannah Anderson Last year I purchased a  really sturdy messenger backpack for my daughter at Hannah Anderson, a store located in the Galleria.   The one I bought from Hannah Anderson last year held up so well that there really is no need for me to buy another backpack this year. 

They really have some of the most uniquely designed backpacks and the cutest children’s clothes (see backpacks above).  

They also carry matching lunchkits and pencil cases. 

The lunchkits attatch to the back of the backpack.  They offer free catalogs on their websites.Hannah Anderson Messenger Bag From Last Year

The kids really are required to carry too much on their backs everyday to school but that is something I need to comment on in my other blog.

Here is the website for the Hannah Anderson store:

Their clothes are mostly made of that soft cotton. 

Check them out!


2 Responses

  1. I’ve always thought that wheels on backpacks were a great idea but Katy Elementary does not allow them in the lower grades. I never asked why but someone said they thought it was because they are too loud. Hmmmm… kids are loud too, maybe they should wait and go to school when they’re older. 🙂
    Anyway, just make sure to check with your school on their rules before purchasing a fancy wheeled backpack. I know several Moms were upset when the brand new wheeled backpack was rejected on the first day of kindergarten.

  2. Good point about checking with child’s school. I guess the schools would rather the kids work on their back muscles. I did not know that some of the Katy schools banned wheels on backpacks. Thanks for the info.

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