Schlitterbahn Waterpark in Galveston Trip

Schlitterbahn Pictures

Schlitterbahn Pictures

I am so exhausted from our family trip to Schlitterbahn Waterpark in Galveston.  We saved $10.00 on tickets by picking up a $2.50 off each ticket coupon at the Galveston Visitors’ Center.  Sam’s Club also sells a family fun pack with 2 adult, 2 children and lunch for 4 pack for $139.99.    Also check out  for money-saving coupons to Schlitterbahn and other fun activities in the Houston area.

  We took in a cooler full of Gatorade, Capri-Sun’s and waters plus snacks.  The kids did not want to stop to eat at all anyway.

We had a great time and I highly recommend this place for a quick stay-cation.  Once you get wet, you forget the heat and just enjoy the park.  Schlitterbahn is very family-oriented plus they have free parking.

Here is the link:

More about this trip later……. meanwhile enjoy the pictures (No, there are no pictures of me with my pork hams out for the world to see.:

River Floating

River Floating



Schlitterbahn Schlitterbahn Frog In Kiddie Area




Picnic Tables Everywhere

Picnic Tables Everywhere


2 Responses

  1. Our family vacationed there too. We had an AWESOME time and I’d highly recommend it (and I do not even like theme park stuff). has Schlitterbahn coupons as well… for Galveston and New Braunfels.

  2. I too dread theme parks but Schlitterbahn was clean and was run well.

    Great reminder about coupons. Never go to a theme park without a coupon.

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