Animal Planet Expo Coming To Cullen Park In Katy Texas On August 9th and 10th

Photo Courtesy of Animal Planet Expo
Photos Courtesy of Animal Planet



Animal Planet Expo is coming to Cullen Park (I-10 West/Barker Cypress) on Saturday, August 9th and Sunday, August10th out in west Houston.  

Animal Planet Expo is free.

Animal Planet Expo is a big family pet festival with lots of shows, hands-on activities, games, pet adoptions and neat freebies for the kids.

The hours are 10 am to 4pm both days.

Courtesy of Animal Plant 


Cullen Park
19008 Saums Rd, Houston, TX 77084


My family and I attended the fun event last year since it was only 3 miles from our house.   You are allowed to bring your dog or cat to the park as long as it is on a leash (no cat with any self respect would ever be on a leash).  This is the kind of event where kids will have a good time and you get to save money.  Bring your backpack with snacks and lots of cool water.

 The parking is free but the trick is to find a parking spot.  Your best bet is to  drop off an adult with the kiddies, park at Mayde Creek High School and walk/bike through the park to the event.  Be careful where you park because last year cars were towed.  Also, the event takes place on grass so bring your big wheeled stroller.

 Cullen park is located  on Barker Cypress about 25 minutes from downtown Houston on I-10 right after you pass the exit for Highway 6 heading out towards Katy.

Check-out the following websites for more information about the event:

Courtesy of Animal Plant

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