Searching For Backpacks For Back-To-School In Houston

Kids With Packpacks.

Kids With Packpacks.

 I am looking for a sturdy backpacks for the kids and this is what I have found so far while shopping. 

Sam’s Club has Wired Laptop Backpacks for sale. 
They look very sturdy and have these neat little openings for IPOD/computer cords.  
Sam’s Club has a large selection of the backpacks and they are priced at $39.63
Laptop Backpacks At Sam's ClubLaptop Backpacks At Sam's
Laptop Backpacks At Sam’s Club

Sam’s Club also has regular backpacks on sale for $14.84. 

 I checked the label and they appear to be a Sam’s Club brand.
Sam's Club Backpacks Close-up

Backpacks At Sam’s Club

Backpacks At Sam's Club

  I checked out the Kroger’s store on Fry Road.  Kroger’s has insulated front pocket backpacks

Kind of a lunchkit/backpack combo.  They also have really cute messenger bags for $12.99 and up. 

BackpacksKrogerKroger Backpacks


Kroger’s also has themed lunchkits like Barbie and Spiderman for $4.99.


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