Houston-Katy Area Prepares For Animal Planet Event August 9th and 10th

Today we passed Cullen Park on Saums Road and my kids started squealing about the Animal Planet Expo tents going up in the park.
The free Animal Planet Expo opens this weekend at 10am on Saturday and Sunday at Cullen Park. The park is located on the west side of Houston.
Here is the address for those who use Google:
19008 Saums Road
Houston, TX 77084
Here are a few websites you can check out for more infomation about the local event:
Hopefully, the weather will hold up and there will not be the isolated thunderstorms in the area as predicted by the weather people. Not that my kids care about a little bit of water standing in the way of a moonwalk.
The last picture is a shot of the road that leads from Mayde Creek High School to Cullen Park on Saums Road.
You might want to park your car at the school and bike to the event.
Be careful about parking at the new, empty strip center located south of the park on Barker Cypress because they towed cars last year.
Cullen Park On Saums

Cullen Park On Saums

Cullen Park Cullen Park

Pecan Trees  At Cullen ParkPecan Trees At Cullen Park

Road From Mayde Creek High To Cullen Park

Road From Mayde Creek High To Cullen Park


2 Responses

  1. Thanks for taking the photos – I was wondering how it was going to look.

  2. I always try to carry my camera in my purse. You never know when you might see something interesting like a ufo.

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