Join Girl Scouts and Boy Scouts In the Katy/Houston Area

Sign In My Dead Grass Yard

Sign In My Dead Grass Yard


Have your kids join scouting today.   Here are the websites for Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts in the Katy ISD/Houston area:

Boy Scouts 

September 30th, La Centerra Membership Event

Girl Scouts

Due to Katy ISD’s policy restricting fliers in the school weekly take-home folders, many parents do not know where to find out information on scouting which means enrollment has decreased in the area.  The schools will not tell you about local activities for kids in the area.  Check out Katy ISD’s Parent link for more information about after-school activities.

I am trying to find/form a pack for my 6-year-old son in the north Katy area.  If your child attends school  north of I-10 and you would like him (your family) to get involved in scouting, please leave a comment or reach me here:  plummymom1 at s b c g l o b a l (dot) n e t.


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  1. I’m looking for a girl scout troop from Nottingham Country Elementary. Can you help?


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