School Supply Lists For Katy ISD


School Supply Shopping

School Supply Shopping

Here are links to the school supply lists for Katy ISD and Cyfair ISD schools.

Katy ISD Supply List

Cy-Fair ISD List

Of course as a former teacher, I have prepared a list of supplies that in my opinion all elementary school kids require on the first day of school.  Don’t get stressed out about finding everything on the supply list.  If the teacher does not receive enough supplies for the classroom, he/she will usually send home a list of items that are needed for specific projects throughout the year.

School Supplies To Buy Now

School Supplies To Buy Now

Pencils/pencil sharpener (Try to buy real wood pencils.  The really cheap pencils break constantly and never seem to sharpen.)


Crayons (buy 2 boxes, 1 for school now and another for January)

Plastic Crayon Box

Colored Pencils (Map Pencils)

Loose leaf notebook paper

Glue Sticks


Tissues, Klenex – 3 boxes minimum (with the allergy epidemic in “clean air” Houston classrooms seem to need tissues the most during the school year)

Plastic folder with brads and pockets (a plastic folder will hold up better when your child brings home all of those graded assignments every week)

Backpack- I suggest you buy a JanSport/Hannah Anderson brand or order online from Land’s End  [Land’s End allows you to return backpacks for any reason.]

L.L. Bean  .

Try to get a backpack with a warranty so you will not end up buying another backpack around Thanksgiving. 

I would skip the $5 backpack if you can afford to. 

 I will continue to add more suggestions later….


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