School Shopping For A 1st Grader

First Grade Rocks

First Grade RocksFashions For First Graders

My son will be in 1st grade this year.  You know the grade level where everything gets all serious. 

On the first day of school, he will rock (wear) the red shirt above that says “First Grade Rocks”  along with pants I constructed out of bandannas.

If you like the shirt check out Veri Meri Tees.  They do not have a store in the Houston area so that means you have to order online.  I must add that at this time the 1st grade shirt is sold out but they do have the “Kinder Rocks” and “Pre-K rocks” shirts in stock plus other designs like a dog and rocket.  I wish they had a “Fourth Grade Flies”  or something like that for my daughter.

Veri Meri  also has a design-a-t-shirt contest where kids can design t-shirt online and submit it to the site for a vote.  If your kid has the winning design, then he/she wins a shirt and becomes a designer on Project Runway (ha ha).  Not only does your sweetie win a free shirt but they also get a cut of the proceeds from the sale of their winning design.

PTA people might want to check this site out for a great fund raising idea.  The kids at the school get to design a shirt, vote and then a percent of the proceeds from the sale of the shirt go to that school.  This idea has got to be better than that Entertainment Book.

Each shirt comes with a matching tattoo with the same image as the shirt.  How about a tattoo that has my child’s name on them.


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