Free Kids’ Computer Learning Game Called Woogi World

Woogi World Screen

Woogi World Screen

My son and daughter love this game and best of all the sign-up is free.  

Here is the link for 


WoogiWorld is a virtual world (pretend world) where  kids choose a little character who competes with other Woogis in their Woogi World.  Kids can build and decorate a house (woogiwam)  for their little Woogi.  Kids earn coins and buy stuff for the Woogi.

My kids love the interactive feature of the game-in other words-they  can  not only text message each other but also other new ‘woogi’ friends.  WoogiWorld is very much like another on-line game site out there for kids (you know the one that is run by the big “D” corporation) but with this one has more control.  My son got bored with Funkeys very quickly because the computer game does not give him the chance to play with other kids.  He had this little character alone on the planet and really could only run from the bad guys.

What makes Woogi safe:

1- Parents can o.k. their kids’ account set-up  and control the time of day plus the number of hours a day a kid can spend in Woogi World.  Nintendo DS are you listening?

2-Parents can see a history log of all chat messages exchanged between your kids and the other Woogis.  If I were you, I would check in from time to time to see who the kids are messaging.

3-Woogi has the safe word chat message feature-what that means is that if a kid tried to type a dirty word then the computer “spell checks” the entry and will not display the offensive words.  The site even filters out words that were never meant to be “dirty” but somehow became that way over time.

4-Kids have to go through an on-line Internet training about Internet safety before they can play and after the parents approve the kid account.  This Woogi character is on the screen ‘training’ the kids not to share home addresses, email addresses,  names, ages, favorites, dislikes.  In fact, whenever I am in the room I hear the little warnings  about what not to do as the kids are playing on Woogi World.   The voice is a little creepy but my son does remind me from time to time to not share our street address with anyone.

5-And best of all…Free EDUCATIONAL, EDUCATIONAL, EDUCATIONAL Games!(yes, I am shouting) This month will start a reading incentive program on the site called the WoogiReaders Club. 

My only little issue with Woogi World is that I find it very difficult to use the “play with your child” feature.  I, the parent, seem to click and click and nothing happens but my kids seem to understand everything (maybe I am getting old).   Also, like all game sites you do have to pay a montly fee to upgrade and add extra stuff but the basic “free” game is just fine.


2 Responses

  1. i play it its really fun

  2. THANK YOU so much for the positive review of our site, Woogi World. I’m Alice Osborne, Managing Director of Public Relations–would you come work for us?! Really, we appreciate your encouraging and positive comments and are excited you found us and took the time to let others know about Woogi World. Below is a paragraph we send out as well that you might find interesting and may want to also share with your audience. If you ever have suggestions or would like to receive our parent eNewsletter, just let me know (I’ve included my email address above). We’d love to hear from you!

    Woogi World is THE effective approach to protecting families from Internet addictions. We promote BALANCE. We engage children in character-building Adventures designed to get kids OFF the Internet and back into the real world enjoying nature, exploring interests, honing academics and especially serving. We’re the only kids’ virtual world that is actually telling them that the Internet is meant to enhance life, not BE life.

    On a personal note, I’m the mom of 7 and the grandma of 5. I love your site and the work you’re doing. Bravo to you!

    All the best,
    Alice Osborne
    Children’s Way and Woogi World

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