Hurricane Ike in Katy Texas

We made it through the hot night.  The kids slept like angels.  Power went out around midnight.  We have a battery operated radio, a power inverter (does not work), battery charger (which is running our 8″ fan).  Charged laptop before storm.  Tons of water coming in through windows on west side of house dripping down sheet rock walls and onto wood floors.  Luckily our piano did not get wet.

Thanks goodness the storm drainage located 125 yards behind our house did not overflow.  We are also lucky that we are together and safe.  Water can sucked up with dry vac.  Also, we have a gas stove and clean water.

Winds are picking up again and the water is coming down in sheets.  There was this rumbling howling noise at night.  I reported the power outage to TXU.  Now, it seems that most of Houston is without power (all except the medical center where the power lines are buried).

This storm was a little bit more than we expected.  As you know, I don’t like Houston anyway and this storm just gives me another reason to want to escape.  If anyone out there has a job for me away from Texas, please holler at me.

Hope the rest of the world is safe and sound.


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  1. Hello there

    I was looking for news about Katy after the storm and found yours. I am glad you made it through the night. Smart thinking that you charged your laptop beforehand. 🙂

    I am in Louisiana. While we are not near the eye of the storm, our area are under tornado watch/warning.

    Keep well and hope you get power back soon.

  2. How are things in Katy Texas today Sat. I live in Colorado. Family lives in Katy Texas. Thank You

  3. I have family that lives in Katy and they said they have very extensive damage to the exterior of the house. I hope things are going well for you. Stay safe.

    I agree – I’d NEVER live there either. I don’t like that area one bit.

  4. Daughter lives in Katy. Have not been able to contact. Is the power out? Is the water OK? What generally is going on. Thanks

  5. Wow! Thanks for the info. We live on the NW edge of old Katy, but are in Dallas now. Wondering what part of Katy you are in. Trying to determine how our home might have fared.

  6. We are in Cinco Ranch and lost power from about 3:00am to 12:30pm. We rode around and the most damage was to wood fences that needed to be replaced any way. There were some uprooted trees and lots of leaf debris but we saw no roof damage or structural damage. Some neighbors two blocks away still don’t have power, so it must be spotty.

  7. Coming back to Grand Lakes to repair roof. Neighbors say we are missing shingles. Can anyone tell me the color name for the shingles in Grand Lakes? Thinking we should buy them before we get there.

  8. I am trying to contact my son in Katy, last I heard, was this morning, then have had no contact. He is on Paintedfern Place, off Fry road in Katy. Anyone have any info on that area as far as power, phones, floods??
    Any info would be helpful..

  9. I am located near Franz & Katy hockley cut off rd., I have had the worst night in my life, furious hurricane came to katy around 3 a.m, power went on & off several times until midnight when we lost completely the power. It was like an ugly beast screaming outside my door. The after math is depressing, severe property damage although no flood. spent the day without power, it finally came around 8 p.m I hope I can have a better sleep tonight.

  10. I am from Katy also. We went to my sister-in-law’s house for the weekend to escape the storm. We will be coming home tomorrow morning to a home with no power. I am pretty upset, and I am trying to figure out how I am going to make it with my two kids and no power. If you have any tips please visit my blog and let me know!

  11. If the cellphone is disabled, then portable radio communication can help citizens to make contact.

  12. Hi…Im looking for a couple good friends in Katy …..Alice Barry and Paul Smith!
    Glad to hear the people in Katy are relativly safe and well off compared to Galveston and Houston!

  13. My son lives in the area and he has only seen downed fences, no flooding. Power was out but restored on Saturday. Cell phone was operating. This info comes to you via Scotland.

  14. I live on the out skirts of Katy, right around Fry & Morton Road. The damage here is very spotty, you can drive down one road and would not even think a hurricane came thru then turn down the next road and see up rooted trees, shingles gone from roof tops. The farther east you go the worse it gets. I think Katy was blessed beyond belief. I know there are some houses that had trees fall on them and lots of fences blown down. Power for most of the area seemed to finally be up by late yesterday. Hope everyone is safe!

    God Bless!

  15. I moved from texas in 88 to obx nc and have family still there.I pray for all of you and hope my family is alright.

  16. Does anyone live near stackstone lane in Katy? Just wondering if that area has any damage

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