Hurricane Ike and a Katy Family’s Day

My laptop is losing power.  The inverter is working so that means that in the morning that I will be able to charge it up and also power the wireless router.

We will spend the night sleeping in a  AC’d friends’  RV. 

One of the neighbors gave us a cooler with ice so I may be able to save my frozen chicken breasts.  We all took showers being extra careful to keep our mouths clothes because of the water boiling alert.

Weather is dry.  Beautiful sunset with pink clouds.  Lots of intersection with flashing and dangling lights.  The area next to highway 6 and Bellaire was without power at 7pm today.  Tons of people outside BBQ-ing the thawing meat in their freezers.

The rain has moved away to the north.  It is very quiet after last nights howling wind.  All is left is to wait for power, sweep up limbs and assess shingle damage.

Have not heard anything about Galveston on the radio.  Hope those people are safe.  My thoughts and prayers are with the people in evacuation zones.  At least I know our house is intact.

We did drive around Clay rd, Fry and Mason today.  Everything appears okay.  People are at least out in their yards being neighborly.  Kind of makes me sad that we have to have a near disaster before we are forced to spend time with the ones we love.  It is nice to see neighbors outside and kids riding their bikes.  I guess on Sunday it will be business as usual.  Everyone driving around in air-conditioned cars, not waving, kids staring at video games and retail stores open 24-7.  All the things that distract us from being human.

My kids are confused but somehow are finding ways to have a great time.  Kids are so flexible.

Hopefully, power on Sunday.  I took enough pictures.

Good night and keep cool!


3 Responses

  1. I was an exchange visitor from the Philippines who lived there in Katy a couple of months ago (March 2008 – June 2008). I lived in the Drake Court neighborhood with an American family and worked in Johnny Rockets in Katy Mills Mall.

    And I’m glad everyone’s okay! Keep safe. 🙂

  2. Hi, I’m wondering about my friends in Katy. They live on Iron Tree Lane – 77494. Did you experience the west side of the storm, or the eye itself ? I live in Houma, LA so I can sympathize with you. We’re still a long way from normal after Gustav.

  3. hang in there! glad to here you are doing ok (relatively)

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