Hurricane Ike and a Katy Texas Family on Saturday September 13th

Sky Day After Ike in Katy Texas

Sky Day After Ike in Katy Texas

Mother’s Log:  Stardate September 13, 2008 at 12:43 CST

While writing this post at 12:43 my internet went down.  It is now 7:00 and we still do not have power.  Ironically, the entire neighborhood has power but when the power was finally turned on the transformer blew on my block.  Temp Inside House 83 degrees/outside 81 degrees.

Many fences and trees down all along Fry road from Barker Cypress to Westheimer Parkway.  Lots of people sweeping up tree limbs and trying to figure out how to push their fences up again.

The Walgreens at Fry was open.  I purchased only emergency supplies like Cheeto Puffs and Coke. 

Bright Spot:  We are together, hot and safe.

To all who commented.  I will keep you updated.  My laptop only will hold a charge for so long.  Thanks for responding to my posts.  Hope all are safe.

My husband got the power inverter working again so that I can boot up computer and wireless router.  The little 6″ fan that my husband chided me for buying two years ago is doing its best to cool my hot skin.

Yesterday evening, we drove to the Chase ATM to take out a little cash and the bank had already discontinued customer access to deposits/withdrawls.

Our  telephone land line is working but only because we are able to plug in the power unit to the power inverter.   Looks like everyone should hold on to their old-fashioned telephone lines for the next 1,000 years.  The power inverter is connected to our 12volt line in the minivan.

Houston residents have been told to boil water before drinking or not to drink water at all.  Power is still not restored and Centerpoint Energy is reporting that close to 3 million residents have no power in the Houston area. 

 It is raining continuously and it is very windy.  The storm drainage behind us is holding steady-not increasing nor decreasing.

According to local news, the Hurricane band is sitting right on top of Houston and not moving on to the north as expected.  It seems that the medical center has fared the best in Houston because the power lines are underground.

Kids are restless and hot.  Current in-house temperature is 81 degrees.  Outside temp 76 degrees and very humid.

I live in the Fry Road/Barker Cypress area and the power outtage seems to have effected every house in my visual line of site.  We erred in that we should have boarded up the windows on the west side of the house to stop the rain from blowing into the house.

I know that we are lucky to be alive and to at least have the cell phones and internet connection to the outside world.

One bright side to this weather imposed house arrest-I do not have to hear the incessant drone about politics on the t.v.

To my country girl self-things are really o.k.  I did grow up withou A.C.  Many times a thunderstorm would not out electricity for two to three days.   Sometimes in East Texas the pipes would freeze over for a week and we would have no running water.  So, really what is there to complain about in the world.  I am with my family and we are safe.


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  1. We are staying with friends in the Cinco Ranch area. Over here we only lost power for a few minutes during the night, and there’s only very slight damage. A while ago I drove home (Clay / Barker Cypress area) to check our house. There are lots of trees down and our fence is almost entirely gone, but the power is back on. (It went out at 7pm yesterday, which is why we bailed to stay with friends.)

    I honestly don’t think it’s so bad. No matter where you live, the weather is going to affect you, either the cold, the heat, tornadoes, blizzards, or whatever. The way I see it, we live in a very lucky area. We didn’t flood, our home is fine, and the fence needed replacing anyway.

  2. Minnesotans are praying for your safety. Our thoughts are with you as you clean up.

  3. Thanks for all of the positive thoughts.

    Katy residents appear to be fine. Right now, I see plenty of missing shingles from Westheimer to Clay all the way to Mason. Lots of downed fences.

    Most of traffic lights appear to be working which means power may be on in that area.

    No convenience stores or gas stations open. The big retailers are supposed to open on Sunday.

    I see alot of plastic bags on gas pumps so I take that to mean that the gas stations are empty.

    If you have not heard from your loved ones, remember that many cell phones have low batteries and that many phone lines need the power to operate handset.

    From what I heard on the news everyone in Katy is pretty safe.

  4. National Guardsmen, members of the Coast Guard, FEMA representatives and state and local law enforcement authorities mobilized for what Gov. Rick Perry pronounced “the largest search-and-rescue operation in the history of the state of Texas.”

    Galveston Texas was hit very hard and is recovering those that did not make it through the storm.

    You are in our prayers.

  5. What is the condition of Lakeland Gardens? Did Ike hit there?

  6. my elderly grandmother lives at 22511 williamschase the second house on the left if you come in off of i think it’s elrod rd. we managed to get her to safety but we have no relatives close by that could go by and check the damage to her house. if anyone gets this that possibly lives close by could someone please check and email me or if you could take some pictures if there is damage so we know what we need to do. e-mail is our prayers are will you all.

  7. correction on grandma’s house it is the 3rd on the left

  8. could anyone tell me how the williamschase subdivision is? is there any flooding and how much damage to houses? live in Florida and can not find out about an elderly grandmothers home.

  9. My cousin Debbie lives in Katy. Praying for her and her family.

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