Hurricane Ike and Family in Katy TX on Sunday September 14th

Not prepared for flash flood last night. 

Update:  Cy-Fair ISD schools closed on Monday and Tuesday (check with school for confirmation of information)

Power out in Katy, Texas again.  The whole neighborhood is out.  Our power never came on because of the blown transformer in our backyard.  We spent the night in a friends’ A.C.’d RV.  I did not sleep very well after I heard all of the rain.  The kids of course slept like rocks and awakened early.

Check out KHOU for more information:  click

There are concerns about the Galveston Causeway  (I-45) being damaged due to Ike.  Residents of Galveston will not be allowed to return until Tuesday.  Wow!  This Ike is a monster.

Heavy thunderstorm and rains during the night not expected.  Drainage ditch levels up high again but no overflow.

Overcast and drizzling. 

Gas oven will not light but the pilots will.  Looks like I will be B-B-Q-ing today.  Everyone bring your chickens and steaks.

My suggestion:  If you are returning to a house without power today in Houston then I highly recommend that you stop and buy a 12volt outlet cooler and 12 volt power inverter from one of the big truck stops live Luvs.  The inverter is the only reason I am able post on my blog.  We run an extension cord out of running auto to the the wireless router.  The inverter keeps the laptop charged and keeps a small fan running.

I did drive around the Lakes of Bridgewater and noticed that there was a lot of roof damage in that area.  Many people were trying to spread and secure tarps on their roofs yesterday.   Little did I know it would rain all night.  I really feel for those people with the damaged roofs.  Our roof is leaking but just with a couple of 15″ wet spots.

House is so humid and dank.  I lost most of the vegetables in my fridge.  Trying to hold on to toaster streudal, blackberries and chicken. 

Kids are squirrly.  They are clueless about what to do with themselves.  Thank goodness for Legos because all you need is imagination. 

We most surly will have to replace part of our laminate wood floors but better than having to replace our lives.

Centerpointe Energy came by and stared at the transformer but they did not fix it.

Heard on KPRC that some stores will be open at Fry/I-10. 

I will keep you posted as power allows….

Thanks to all of you for your stories and well-wishes.  If you see a request about a particular area of time that you know about, please feel free to leave a comment for someone out there who may be trying to contact a loved one.


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  1. I appreciate your updates. A friend of mine evacuated from Katy but could not get in touch with anyone in Katy after the storm passed. I fouind your blog and read to her some key points to give her an idea what was going on.

    I am in Lake Charles, and she helped me after Hurricane Rita in 2005 so I am glad I could give her some insight on her home town.

    Hang in there – I learned with Rita (and 2+ weeks without power) that once you go through something like this, you can do just about anything.

    One more note, my son and his family live in Columbus Ohio. He called last night and said sarcastically “Thanks for sending us Ike!”. They are without power and won’t be up for a few days because their workers are in Texas helping!

    My thoughts are with you

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