Hurricane Ike and a Family In Katy Texas on Monday, September 15th

A miracle happened…..the temperature dropped to breezy and cool.  The heat is gone.  I can’t believe our luck.  The weather forecasters say that it tends to be hot and humid after Hurricanes.

My husband and kids slept in the borrowed RV last night.  I slept on the bottom floor with every window open in the house.

The kids see this little break as an adventure.  They cannot believe that they get to spend time on a mini-camping trip at home.  My kids do not notice the stinky smell coming from the refrigerator or that the Playstation stopped working last Friday.   Maybe we all need to stop noticing the “silly” stuff.

I would like to write that we got our electricity back and all is normal in the world.  Nope, we have no electricity today and I fear this may go on for quite some time.  As a family, we are closer because now we are forced to sit in one room together huddled around the battery-powered lamp.

We lost phone service sometime yesterday afternoon.  Also, the inverter stopped working around that time.  What that means is that we had no power to charge anything but we had the “power of love” (hokey-hokey).

Our neighbors across the street have electricity but on my side of the street we have no electricity.  It really kills the joy when you are sitting in your house listening to your refrigerator contents drip onto the floor.  Bye-bye blackberries picked over the summer in a field with my kids.

One of the neighbors with no electricity is very upset that not one of the neighbors with electricity has offered an electric cord.  I have thought the very same thoughts.  I am kind of sad about this non-neighborly behavior but maybe they would rather not hear about our 3-days without electricity. 

Today, we began our gas search.  Our first stop was Fry and Saums rd. where the line caused a backup all the way towards H-E-B.  We headed east toward the Grand Parkway and found several stations with bags over the pumps.  We then headed to Sealy, TX (located 40 miles from our house) where we pulled right into the Wal-mart and filled the tank until it burped.

Next stop, “Camping World” where we were able to purchase a 12 volt 800 watt inverter!!  “Camping World” has a large selection of generators that ranged from $1,000 to $4,000.  There were of couple of people buying generators who were preparing to head back to their homes in Galveston. If you are in need of a generator, hurry out to “Camping World” on I-10 west one exit after Katy Mills Mall and then u-turn onto the feeder.

As we drove home, I noticed that most of the major retailers are open once again.  The Home Depot is doing plenty of business judging by the traffic backup in the parking lots.  Wal-Mart is not fully stocked but you will find water and can goods.  No ice anywhere around Fry/I-10.  The best place to find ice is the HEB on the Grand Parkway and Fry Road.

There are still many fences on the ground.  There are many roofs with shingles missing down to the plywood.   I have heard from neighbors that some people had trees fall on roofs in the neighborhoods with mature trees.  I do not see any type of assistance trucks driving around Katy (not that I would know what they looked like) helping people remove debris.  I really don’t know if there are social service teams checking on people.

 From what I see Katy, TX fared pretty well if you are focusing on people lives in my opinion.  Some areas have no traffic signals.  Just dangling lights.  Many areas are still without power in Houston.

The people who are really affected by Ike are the ones in the southernmost parts of Houston.  There seems to be some type of conflict between FEMA and the Houston area.  FEMA was supposed to supply water, ice and meals but there was some type of delay in sending the trucks to the area.  I heard on KUHF radio that HEB stepped in and provided much needed ice and water.

Click here to read about the sad “Katrina-type” situation going on with the federal aid in the parts of Houston and also Galveston:

Please someone help those people who are without shelter. 

The 3-1-1  information lines in Houston are open again.  If you know of a loved one needing assistance with water, food, ice etc, please contact the 311 lines for assistance.  There are supposed to be several ice/water distribution points in Houston but none of the locations I heard about are located close to Katy.

Katy ISD schools will be closed on Tuesday as well as most schools in the area.

Thanks to all of you who have responded to my posts. 

 Thanks to all of you who send positive thoughts to those who ended up in worse shape than anyone could ever dream.  I wish the media would spend more time on Hurricane Ike so that families around the world can at least see what happened in the area.

At least the weather is cooler in a place where temps normally run 98 degrees this time of year.

Hope you are having a great and safe day wherever you are…..


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  1. Brookshire Brothers had ice yesterday. Not sure if they have it today but it’s worth a try for anyone needing ice. They also had milk and eggs but no bread by the time I got there. The manager said they had received a shipment of bread that morning (Mon) but that it was already gone. Things are going fast.
    Hope you get your electricity on soon!

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