Hurricane Ike, The Inverter, Ice and a Katy, TX Family on Thursday

The Great And Powerful Inverter

The Great And Powerful Inverter

Above is a picture of my new best friend named “The Great and Powerful Inverter”.  He is attached to my car battery which is attached to the power cord which is attached to the lights, router, laptop and TV.  I bought the newest inverter from “Camping World”.  We already have an inverter that my husband uses for work in his truck.

One of my neighbors- who is also without power- rushed over this evening to  ask me if I had heard about the FEMA check for families without power more than 5 days.  I told her about the story on the news about the people showing up at the George R. Brown Convention Center attempting to apply for the over-5-days-without power grant checks.  I don’t know if this is one of  those hopeful urban legends (complete lie or false rumor started by someone who is full of hope minus the facts) or not.

I am hopeful that FEMA will help everyone who needs help.

We are starting to adjust to this “Amish-like” existence without electricity.  The weather is very nice and mild.  Temps are in the 60s at night.  No need for A.C. at the time.  I call this type of weather “California weather” because of the lower humidity and cool nights.  I am getting some garage cleaning done.  My husband has been able to work a little this week.  I was supposed to have medical tests in the med center on Monday but I have not heard about a new appointment.

I am trying not to worry about the bills or the cost of eating-out every day.  I am really trying not to worry………………………..

I do miss and appreciate the refrigerator.  Except for breakfast we are eating out at least once a day.  My oven no longer works because the pilot light will not fire.  We B-B-Q ‘ed all of the chicken and sausage that unthawed in the freezer.  I just want something baked in the oven.

The surrounding school districts including Katy ISD are closed until Monday and the kids are very restless.  According to the Houston Chronicle, Houston ISD schools may not even open on Monday due to the loss of power in many schools. Many families in the neighborhood appear to have visiting family so there are many children outside  playing  and enjoying their storm break under the cooler skies.

The neighbors with power are ignoring us.  I think they are trying to avert their eyes. (ha ha)

There are POD locations where FEMA is handing out ice around Houston but none seem to be near Katy.  This is the first day I have not bought ice.   Why bother when we have lost all the contents of the fridge and the freezer.  I can’t really complain if food is the only thing that we lost.

The big street light next to our house is out.  The stars are so bright now.

We are a very lucky family!


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  1. Can’t believe you’re still without power! All the friends I knew that didn’t have power before, got it back yesterday. I was hoping that was the same for you. So sorry!

    I’m surprised to hear that your neighbors are not inviting you over. I can’t even imagine that! Have you looked on FreckleTown? There are two churches that are offering free food, movies, and AC during the day.

    Of course since you are using your converter to post, you may not want to take the time. Anyway, Crosspoint Lutheran and The Fellowship at Cinco Ranch are helping those without power.

  2. Thanks Sheila for providing all the great kid resources for families during this strange week on

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