Hurricane Ike Photos

Click on this blog link to see some incredible pictures of Hurricane Ike.  The Texas community photojournalism blog is written by a Austin American-Statesman staff photographer.

The picture of the rides in Kemah is so sad. 

My heart goes out to the lady standing in front of her destroyed apartment.


3 Responses

  1. From Nederland, Texas
    Please do not forget the people in Johnson Bayou and all the homes that were lost to Hurricaine Ike. Only 7 severely damaged homes are left standing. All else is nothing but rubble.
    Also the men and women of the law enforcement, Game Wardens and Entergy who are still working so hard to supply us with the things we need. God bless all of you. Fema employees , give a cheer for them, they are so patient with us. Thank you God for leaving me with a home to help shelter family that lost theirs to Ike. We will be back strong.

  2. Have been keeping an ongoing hurricane diary myself. My sister’s in Katy, but I’m in west Houston (Alief area). You may reprint what you wish to use (I’ve already been doing so on Daily Kos as well).

  3. .. I am a liveabord ( boater ) in Fort Myers Florida .. I have a very dear friend that lives in Huston thus my interest .. I have looked at many IKE photos but have seen very few photos of Marinas or Boats after Hurricane IKE .. have you come across any Boat or Marina photos ??
    Marv ..

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