Hurricane Ike, Power, Food Stamps and a Katy, TX Family

These posts are not so much gripes but observations about my reality.

What a beautiful day in Houston.  There is even a slight breeze this morning.  The days are alright but the nights are not the most comfortable.

My family and I are very fortunate.  I really feel for the moms/dads out there with small children.  Disasters like Ike can wipe out any little financial cushion that you have.  There are many in Houston who cannot not work due to workplaces still being close.  Many people have jobs that pay by the hour and are not salaried positions.  These people do not have paid off days or vacation days from these type of jobs.   Forget about Wall Street and help the little ones.

Ten nights and no electric power.  No fan at night because the car battery is draining faster due to the warmer weather.

The drainage ditch is very stinky at night.  The mosquitoes are huge and vicious.

Every morning I check the Houston Chronicle site for information about which houses have restored power in the area.  I am hoping that those red points move closer to my west Houston zip code.  I also check the CenterPoint Energy  site for projected power restorations for my zip code.

Little by little the local media is ceasing to cover stories about Hurricane Ike and instead are moving on to stories about the buy-out of Wall Street.

I am buying about 3 bags of ice a day at a cost of $1.75 each.  There were never any PODS located anywhere near my house where I could obtain ice/water.  So much for trying to keep a budget.

The kids and I are eating out every day since we are not able to preserve food.   Double yuck!!!  I love to cook and I dont care too much for the fast food these days.

Katy ISD schools are not offering free breakfast/lunch for families affected by power outtages/Ike even though Houston ISD schools offered meals.  (Sometimes Katy ISD Administration can be out of touch with the population that they serve.  The schools need to realize that the demographic/income levels have changed and they must adjust accordingly.)

 I usually fix my kids lunch but because of not being able to preserve the food the kids are eating the school lunches.  The school lunches end up being much more expensive than the lunchkits I make.  My daughter does not like the school lunches and I fear that this may affect her energy  level throughout the day.

Disaster Food Stamps are being offered to families who qualify.  All you need to do is fill-out a two-page application.  No documentation is required at this time but you do need to tell the truth. 

  •  Here are the locations to apply: here

 FEMA has opened some disaster recovery centers at three area Home Depots for people who need additional information about assistance:

Even though our power is out, we still had to make that $225 payment yesterday to the energy company right on schedule.

As a woman who grew up on a 200-acre fame in East Texas, I am realizing that our house was never designed to be without electrical power.  The builder did not design porches, cross windows or shade for the houses.  I grew up without AC so that is not a big deal.  The big deal is not having trees, shade and wind.  Houston is not prepared for a total power failure.   What will the U.S. do if we ever lose electrical power in the cities?


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