Hurricane Ike and a Katy, Texas Family on September 27th

No power for two weeks and 1 day.  CenterPoint arrived around 4pm and told us we need to contact the Texas Public Utility Commission.  There is something wrong with the transformer load.

Mosquitoes are huge and vicious.  My legs look like a strawberry muffin with all the red raised lumps. 

Read on KTRH site  that Houston is doing aerial spraying for the mosquito infestation.  Wonder does this extend to the outer Katy area?

My husband is home off the road this weekend.  At least we are all together.

Red Cross shelter at Bear Creek United Methodist Church on Highway 6 (Rippling Water) next to Wal-Mart neighborhood market.  They are assisting families and accepting donations of dry food goods.  They also need overnight volunteers at the church.

I do not attend this church but they are also the church that helps with the boy scout pack for my area in Western Katy.


Good thing:  Weather was nice and sunny.  No rain.  Able to hang clothes out to dry. 

All the kids on the block are so cheerful about this turn of events.  They are still laughing and happy!


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