Hurricane Ike: Power, CenterPoint and Kids

Please note:  All the opinions expressed in this blog are mine alone.  I do not work for the Food Stamp office, CenterPoint or FEMA.  If I know a website that I can point you to for the information you need, I will email you the information.  Keep trying to get the help you need and never give up.

Thanks to all of you who shared your stores, offered encouragement and gave a positive vibe to all who read the blog.  I think the children (everywhere) did a great job through this little storm trouble.  The kids learned to play outside and to share our Nintendo charge power with other kids in the neighborhood.  I could say my family and I are back to normal but really ….who wants to go back to (power gluttony) normal?

My heart goes out to all of those still without power.   I know it is a long waiting game.  Call CenterPoint right now if you do not have power.  Next, try the mayor of Houston.

The Houston Chronicle is having a contest on the best “no electricity” story.  The best story writer wins a spa treatment.  Check this site for more information:

In my opinion, eating out every day is not a big thrill.  It is so nice to bake some biscuits in the morning for breakfast.  My kids are back to eating pancakes and toaster strudel.  I think that the kids kind of miss the doughnuts and kolaches but we were starting to go bankrupt on the food bills.

We have power now but I do worry about having to depend on one entity for electricity.  My husband and I have talked about installing a few solar panels or a natural gas generator (one that acts as back-up power connected to home gas line).

I have bought a few groceries however I am still afraid the stock-up the freezer right now.  Many people took a big hit as far as the food/grocery bill goes in Houston.  Houston is very humid/hot in the month of September (when is Houston not sweltering hot?) and food without refrigeration does not last longer than a day.  The only refrigerated food item I was able to save was butter.  Yes, butter.   I love baking and I tend to buy the 4 block package of butter from Sam’s club.

Everyone, please keep safe and most importantly….keep cool!


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