Wiis and Christmas Shopping

Best Buy on Fry in Houston just got a new load of Wiis.  I took the bait and bought one.  They look like tons of fun.

I am going to start posting about by Christmas shopping.

My list will include:

LEGO Mindstorm- make your child an engineer!  Better than some overpriced XBOX which requires no imagination whatsoever.  Take a look at the UK website for Mind-storms.  They have extra accessories than what is offered in the States.

Girls Gourmet Cupcake Maker- Sam’s Club and Learning Express carries these cute little appliances which will appeal to anyone who loves watching those cake decorating shows on HGTV (I will review with pictures.  A group of girls is visiting my home next week.  Let’s see if they love this creation.  It really reminds me of the Easy Bake Oven I had as a kid.)  I think the girl scout troop should think about selling customized cupcakes that they make with the Gourmet Maker instead of those cookies.  People would like up for miles for a customized cupcake for that special loved one.  Just a thought……

Retailers are starting to go back in time to really see what kids really enjoy.

Christmas is coming and this year it will be on the cheap.

Rachel Ray’s magazine rocks!  Take that magazine to the store when grocery shopping.

I wish it snowed here in Houston.  I would love to spend Christmas somewhere in a cabin blockin in by a blizzard.  I am so tired of 80 degree weather.  I want to be in the mood to make French Stew.  Please someone help make my dream come true.

Have a good week and buy toys that really matter to your kids.


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