Girl Christmas Gift Idea…Cooking Like Mom


Girl Gourment Cupcake Maker

So Christmas is less than two weeks away and you are looking for a great gift for a girl who loves to cook or who just loves cupcakes.

You are looking for a gift that reminds you of your own childhood.   How about a gift that reminds me much of the Easy Bake oven from the 70s and 80s?

The Girl Gourmet Cupcake pb220211Maker is the gift to buy for that girl chef or aspiring Food Network star  on your list.

My daughter along with her (Best Friend) BFF decided to make a batch of cupcakes one day with the Girl Gourmet.   All the mixes, frosting, cooking utensils and even sprinkles were included in the box.  All that was needed was about a cup of water to use in the cupcake batter mix and the frosting mix.   Also, I would go ahead and prepare a sink of warm sudsy water to wash the mixing bowl for each additional cupcake.

The instructions were very easy.  Just add a little water with the measuring spoon and dropper provided then stir.  No mixer or eggs needed.  There are four flavors of cupcake mix to choose plus four flavors of frosting are provided.  The Cupcake Maker is the type of activity where adult supervision is needed but the girls still do most of the work.  There are recipe cards provided so that the girls can try different cupcake flavor variations and add their own cooking ingredients like fruit and candies to the frosting.

The fun part is decorating the cupcakes with the rotating frosting dispenser.  The girls put the frosting into the tube and then hooked it to the frosting machine.  We ended up with a gooey sweet frosting mess.  The girls enjoyed making their own cupcakes.   The girls had a great time plus they got to be creative and got to enjoy some delicious cupcakes.   The Girl Gourmet is available in most stores.  I even saw it in Hobby Lobby and Sam’s Club.  Get the cupcake refills if you plan on making more than 4 cupcakes.

Here is what the girls and moms enjoyed:

-Easy and fast preparation of the cupcakes.

-Cupcakes are baked in the microwave oven (as opposed to the light bulb in my Easy Bake Oven) which means it is very safe.

-Kids can prepare from start to finish with very little or no help from parents.

-Everything is included in the Cupcake Maker box.

-The cupcakes are tasty and the sprinkles were fun to  use when decorating.

What the girls and moms did not enjoy:

-Cupcake batter mix was dry after adding of water.  We were not sure if we should add more or less.   We were reluctant to add to much additional water with the water dropper(included).  My daughter added more water to the batter than her friend and her cupcake rose much higher than her friends’ cupcake.

-The rotating frosting base did not turn  completely all the way around.  The frosting came out to gloppy (runny) which dripped everywhere but on the cupcake.  It pretty much plopped on the cupcake before we had a chance to start the rotating.  We used less water while preparing the next batch of frosting  and the frosting seem to dispense from the top better.   I think the company should get rid of the rotating frosting dispenser and just include a hand held froster or a bag and some tips.

-My son wanted to participate too!  How about a blue cupcake maker for boys.


Recipe Cards w/Variations


Microwave Cupcake Cooker w/ Cooking Utensils


Frosting Dispenser


Finished Cupcake Was Good