TAKs Testing Begins On March 3rd For Katy ISD

The testing season is almost underway.  All kids need to relax and realize one day will not determine everything.  Make sure the kids get to sleep by 8:30-9:00.  It is a long stressful day for the kids but heaven for teachers.  Surprisingly,  all the students seem to get the importance of the TAKS test and are very quiet and orderly.  On the other hand it is sad one day has to mean so much for students in  Texas.

Namaste Parents!


First LEGO League Robotics Competition, January 10th, Go Girls Go!

Go LEGO Girl Go

Go LEGO Girl Go

My fabulous team of  sweet, smart girls  will be competing in the First LEGO League Meet on Saturday, January 10th.  I am so excited and tired.  The girls are ages 9-14 and they are happy to get the chance to compete as scientists.  We had a ton of fun and I am glad that my daughter made new friends.  The girls were in the drivers seat.  I was just a spotter directing them where to park.  (I think it would have been cool to name our team the Sara Conners or the Camerons–only you Terminator fans will enjoy the joke)

As a coach,  I am completely hands-off on Saturday.  What a big relief because I can be a parent again.  I really don’t consider myself a “coach”.  Just a mom who tried to learn robotics and encourage the girls to try something new in the world.

I do wish that I would have planned a sleep-over on Friday night.  I think it would have contributed to team bonding but this is the big return-to-school week and parents are tired.

A big thank you to the climatologist at HARC who took the time to visit with us and discuss climate change here in the Houston area.  An even bigger thanks to Girl Scouts of the San Jacinto Council.

Hopefully, public schools and non-profits will encourage participation (plus fund)  from student groups in the LEGO competition.  I don’t think the event is open to the public but there are tons of competition videos on Youtube.com.

It really is not about winning but working together on a goal.  Go Girls Go!

Happy New Year

Happy New Year to all.  We made it to another year.