Boy Scouts Will Be Selling Scout Fair Tickets At Wal-Mart On Fry Road

The Boy Scouts will be selling scout fair tickets today, Saturday, February 28, 2009 at the Wal-Mart on Fry Road/I-10 from  8am-2pm.  Scout Fair is a family event where boy scouts display hundreds of exhibits about camping,  woodworking, aviation and Indian lore.  The fair this year will be April 18th at Reliant Arena.

Buy a ticket from a boy scout so that they can raise money for fun acitivities and then become a leader.   The boy’s sell tickets so that they can attend summer camps and other boy themed events for the year.  This year’s theme is “Celebrate the Adventure”.

Here is information about the Sam Houston Area Council.


Cheap Life: Made My Son A Back Pack


Made my son a backpack in three long hours.  Cost:  $8.  Took me three hours.  Surpringly, he loved it.  What do you think/

Pictures From Syracuse, NY

My husband sent pictures from New York.  They are having record snowfall in the Syracuse area.  Compare that to the balmy, breezy just right weather here in Houston, Texas.

February 24, 2008/Houston, TX

February 24, 2008/Houston, TX

Best Houston Family Magazines

Houston Family Magazine

Houston Family Magazine

Parents, if you are looking for daycare, after-school activities or family fun resources then run down to Kroger’s or Fiesta and pick up “Houston Family Magazine” and “Katy Parent”  Magazine.  The magazines are free and the content also can be accessed online at Houston Family Magazine and Katy Parent Magazine.

Every month in Houston Family Magazine there is a contest sponsered by the magazine to win the month’s in-demand children’s item.  This month the magazine features a contest where families can enter for a chance to win two DVD movies.  Go to for your chance to win “The Great Wall’ and “The Chinese Market” DVDs.   In addition, there is the opportunity to win a family four-pack of passes to a special screening of “Monsters Vs. Aliens”.     The February issue of HFM also includes a camp directory for those parents who are already thinking about activities for their kids during the summer months.  If you do not have time to run by a grocery story and pick up a free copy, you can purchase a subscription for 12 months or 24 months.

Katy Parent Magazine

Katy Parent Magazine is also a free magazine packed with tons of fun family stuff to do in Katy as well as the Houston area.  I found my children’s dentist Dr. Ingrid Duebbert of Kingsland dental group, P.A.  in the Katy Parent.  Every month the magazine lists a Fun-Time Calendar with events, prices, times and locations around town.  There are plenty of discounts for parents with the “Mention This Ad” tag for activities like “Times Square Entertainment” on the Grand Parkway.  The magazine does a great job of listing events and daycare centers that are located  in and near the Katy area.

Clover In My Lawn on The Gulf Coast (Houston)

Why is clover grass seen as an enemy to a front lawn?  The clover is really quite green and lovely as opposed to the grass next to it.


Our grass never really grows.  It is either dead or dominated by ugy weeds here in Houston.  I think it is a complete waste of time to install a sprinkler system that waters grass.  Everyone should be watering only flowers and gardens with vegetables.  We spent over $500 on grass sod after moving in and now our yard is dead.  My neighbors spend at least $100 on fertilizer and weed killer every year not including what they end up paying on their water bill.  Besides, it is too hot in Houston in the summer time to even go out and sit on the grass.

I like the clover.  It is the only thing that is green and kind of flowery growing in our front yard.  We are following the rules set out by our homeowners association and pulling up the green clover so that our green lawn can sprout anew.   The grass never sprouts.  The weeds sprout and we spend the summer mowing weeds.

I like the green clover.  I wish my lawn was covered with the stuff.

Sewing A Winter Jacket For Your Kids….Or At Least Tries

Daughter's Jacket

Daughter's Jacket

Here is a picture of the jacket I am working on for my daughter.  She loves the color red.  The pattern is from Burda.  Trying to save as much money as possible in these lean times.  What do you think?  Drop me a comment and I will email you the pattern number and other helpful hints.

Katy Residents HEB At Fry Rd/Mason Ground Beef Recall

If you bought ground beef at the HEB grocery store at Fry Road and Mason, please return to the store asap.   According to the article in the Chron, there could possible be metal pieces in the meat.  Thanks to Alison who Twitters on Twitter for the FYI.

Check out his article in the Houston Chronicle