Tonight The Kids and I Stood Outside And Waved At The Space Shuttle


Houston, we have made contact…..from my backyard.

Last night, Wednesday the pigs (my kids) and I ran out to the play fort in the backyard to watch the sky at around 6:55pm CST in Houston.   We got to see the space shuttle and the international space station fly over. Awesome.   There was this bright point of light with a little bit of an exhaust tale drifting across in a southern direction.   The moon winked and there were  a little more air traffic flying in the night sky than usual for the area.  The shuttle  looked like a star that had pulled itself free from the universe and decided to go for a stroll in the night cosmos.  The whole experience lasted for about 5 minutes.    We were making so much fuss that the neighbors (the people who do not talk) opened there doors and peeped out.

I hope the kids remember that moment and one day they take their kids out to see the night sky and to waive at the astronauts.


And….it will happen again Thursday night! According to space shuttle fly over information there will be another flyover on Thursday night at 7:25 pm in Houston if the night sky is clear.

I am pretty sure we saw the shuttle and then the space station follow it across the evening sky.  Houston’s weather has been clear and  cool so the sky was crystal clear.  Perfect conditions for a little space viewing party.  I plan to see it again on Thursday.  Hope you do too.   Space and the universe are still free to be gazed upon.



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