TAKS Testing Good Luck Students

As a former teacher, I really miss TAKs testing day.  It was the quietest day in the school the whole year.  It was a really big day for the students but kind of a release the stress day for the teachers.  I think you were feeling that you (the teacher) did the best that you could with the resources that you had.  I do feel for the students but who among us as adults have not had to take some big test that decided everything.  For instance what about your driver license test or finals in college where everything was riding on one 24 hour block of time.

I do think there should be others factors figured into the test.  What factors???  I don’t know because I need to look at every study and every pro and con for testing.

Good Luck to all the wonderful students!  One test does not make a life or end a life.  Just try again.


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