Save Money On Groceries Without Having To Cut Coupons And Run Around Town

Houston Grocery Ads

Houston Grocery Ads

Did you know that Wal-Mart has a competitor’s price match guarantee on all items in the store? Here is how to save money on items you shop for every week at Wally Mart.  I am not in any way endorsing Wally Mart but am only trying to pass this helpful money saving tip along to others.  I think a bunch of other stores need to pay more attention to Wal-Mart’s marketing strategy.  I have some opinions about WallyM but now is not the time to express these thoughts here.

1.  Save every advertisement paper that arrive free every week in the mail: grocery store (Food Town, HEB, Kroger, Brookshire’s, Fiesta, Randalls), drug store (CVS, Walgreen’s), hardware store (Home Depot, Sears, Lowe’s, Best Buy).   Remember to check out the Target ads in Sunday’s paper too.

2.  Go through every ad circling all the items with a big colorful marker that you buy every week like milk, deli meats, sugar, onions, strawberries, Capri Suns, grapes etc.  I buy at least three bottles of Zyrtec every month for my daughter’s allergies so I am always on the look out for sales on Zyrtec. If you need a coupon at the competitor’s store to purchase at a certain price you cannot get the same price at Wally Mart.

3.  Make a list with the name of the store, the brand name, the weight/packaging size and price.  If you do not have time to do this then just throw the ads in your car just in case you happen to stop by Wally-Mart.

4.  When you go to Wally World take your stack of ads for the current week inside along with your itemized list.  You must have the ads in your hot little hands.

5.  Make  very sure you select the matching brand, quantity, size of the product that matches the competitor’s ad.  Sometimes Target will have the same brand at a better price but the packaging quantity may be different.  What this means is that you cannot price match.

6.  Go to the full-service check-out with your full cart, circled ads and list.

7.  Separate the “matching price” items on the conveyor belt from the non-competitors’ ad products.

8.  Before your cashier begins ringing up your items tell her/him that you have the matching ads for some of the products you are purchasing. Make it easier on the cashier by grouping the products together.   Be courteous to your cashier. 🙂

9.  Be prepared to show the cashier  the competitors ad.  Tell the cashier the competitor’s price. (Some cashiers merely glance at the ad and keep ringing up your items while others stop and examine the ad plus the product to see if it is the right size and if your competitor’s ad is for the current week.)

You will save money.    Let me know how this works out for all of you.


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  1. This is a great description on how to save money. I actually provide a service where I comb through all the ads myself and then send out a weekly newsletter that highlights all the great deals of the week and at which stores those deals are at. This allows others to quickly see what the best prices are and price match directly from my “cheat sheet.”

    You can check out my blog at for more details.

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