Gardening: Spring Break Stuff To Keep Kids Busy In Houston March 16th-20th



Plant A Garden

How to keep kids busy this week:

Step 1:  Purchase seed packets of your favorite veggies or flowers.   Wallmmart has cheap packets.

Step 2:  Purchase clay pot from $1 store or use a clean plastic container around the house.  Poke holes in bottom before planting.

Step 3:  Have kids decorate plant container with stickers, markers, foam letters or tape (whatever you have around the house).

Step 4:  Have kids go outside and fill plant container with dirt to about 95% from top.

Step 5:  Kids make a hole and plant seeds according to seed packet directions.

Step 6:  Cover seeds very lightly and sprinkle water on dirt with hand.

Step 7:  Put pot in sunny window or place outside in full sun during the day.

Step 8:  Kids sprinkle water pot everyday and wait…..and….wait

Step 9:  When kids say they are board this week tell them to go watch the garden grow.



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