Relaxing Music In The Carpool Lane: Corneille CD

Corneille CD

Corneille CD

There you are in the carpool lane waiting in line to pick up your kids at school or there you are in the bathtub relaxing after puttting  the kids to sleep for the evening.

What music do you listen to after a long day of parenting??  I suggest the  music CD by the singer Corneille to relax to when the days finally slows down.

Corneille’s vocal sound reminds me of Seal’s sound (“Kiss From a Rose”) and strangely the vocalist from  the band Maroon 5 (“This Love”).  I would put his music in the category of easy listening+romance ballads+light r&B= international soul.   The singer sells out arenas in other parts of the world and usually sings in French so he has the romance sound down pat.

The Canadian singer  and UNICEF Goodwill Ambassador’s new album “The Birth of Cornelius” is his first English language CD.   Check out some of his French language music videos on Youtube.

All of Corneille’s music tracks are made for background music at a dinner party or times when you want relaxing sounds but not a ton of distracting beats or loud lyrics.   My favorite track is “Back To Life” (track 1) because of the laid back uptempo beat of the song and the plea in his voice to a woman to love him back to life.

Foolish Heart (track 6) reminds me big time of 80s song artist Lionel Richie’s “Hello”.  Corneill’s romantic vocals against the soft piano is a soothing combination.

I am a big music lover and it is nice to here not only new music as a parent but something other than the song “Who lives in a pineapple under the sea….”.

Check out Corneille’s website here or


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