My New Summer Bonnet…Just Call Me Laura Ingalls

p4240060p4240061Here is my new bonnet.  I sewed the bonnet because I needed something to wear this summer when the cats and I go berry pickin’.  I feel so Laura Ingalls-lishy.  The bonnet is really nice because my husband is able to hear me even when I am outside wearing a bluetooth.  Another good point, the bonnet is prettier and lighter (in terms of material) than that red ball cap I wear everyday.  I stuck it on the wig head for a photo because I was looking tore-up (not my best).  I found this site on the internet where one can buy bonnets.  This place seems for people who like uppity bonnets versus my berry pickin’ farmer’s wife bonnet above.  These bonnets are fancy:

Next, a website that features Amish/Mennonite,Quaker bonnets.  I bet the folks at this site would sell a flashy almost provocative bonnet like the one I have:

Here is a website which features not only Laura Ingall’s style bonnets but aprons, dust caps and dresses according to the style of the times:  Fittingly the site is called Walnut Grove.

That is all for now.  I plan to make a smaller bonnet for my daughter and another bonnet for me in a different color.


2 Responses

  1. A berry-picking bonnet; how cool! Nice colors, too!

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