Visit Hermann Park Before It Gets Too Hot..Free Theatre Performances For Kids


Hermann Park

Miller Outdoor Theatre


See that whale on that building?

See that whale on that building?

 A stage..

A stage..

Big oak tree since I have none in my yard.

Big oak tree since I have none in my yard.

My daughter had an appointment in the Med Center.  Afterward, we hit the cafeteria in the basement of Texas Children’s Hospital for some lunch.  She picked a chef salad ($4.45) and some strawberry swirl cheesecake ($2$$).  I picked beef tips over rice with green beans and a big old piece of cornbread.  My dessert of choice:  pecan pie.  The restaurant has everything:  pizza, salad bar, one meat/two veg plates, hamburgers, pizza, sandwiches and tons of desserts.  It helps if you have already paid for parking and just happen to be in one of the medical facilities in TMC.  I learned about this place when in the hospital about 10 years ago.  My husband and I ate at the Bertner cafeteria moments before we went by NICU to take our daughter home.  It was our last meal as a couple (of complete innocent lambs being led to the parent slaughter).  To be honest we have never really had any kind of couple meal time in 10 years.

We headed to Herman Park with our grub on that humid day last week.  After enjoying our lunch in the park, we headed up that big hill and strolled around the  Miller Outdoor amphitheater.  What a great day for mommy and beautiful daughter time.  I wish that moment lasted longer.   Time with my kids rushes by me to darn fast.

Here is a link to the directions, times, free performances and happenings at the park: and

There is also a new red train at the park.  The train looks a lot safer than that old one I used to climb on with my babies.  Hurry, before it gets to hot and humid.


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  1. It sounds like the “hot” in Houston has come a little early this year! Sounds like a great place to spend a few hours!

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