In the last 7 days…

School is almost out for the summer

School is almost out for the summer

School will be out next week.  In the last week this is what happened….

Husband home-yippee because kids and I had great fun

Rabbit in back yard.  Kids wanted to keep.  I worried about my carrots and green beans in the garden.  Does he not know about Bejamin Bunny.

Son caught fish that is now swimming in Tortuga sandbox in backyard.

White puppy got into backyard.  Sweet daughter cried when my hub told her doggy already had family.

Hub and I thought about buying an RV but we were just dreaming and woke up.

My daughter made the best strawberry rainbow frosting cake on the earth.

My son reached AR 10.

My husband edged the yard without me even asking.

Watched “Rise of the Lycanns” and liked the movie.

Reading “Bella Tuscany”.  Wish I was in Tuscany.

Made khaki shorts with dog print hem for son and he said “yuck”.

Had BBQ and cold Shiner Bock waiting for husband when he got home from the road.

My daughter wrote and song and made a CD at school (beautiful!)

Life is dolce……..


Skate parks in Houston, Texas

Where to find city skate parks in Houston, TX:

Houston teenagers looking for summer job check with City of Houston

Tons of summer job available for low-income youth in Houston this summer thanks to the American Reinvestment Act.  Here is the website for more information: or  Call 1-888-469-5627 (City of Houston)  for more information about the program for youths aged 16-24.

Also businesses looking for youth workers this summer may qualify to receive funding if looking to employ those youth workers.  Goodwill Industries, Terry Seufert is looking for businesses looking for youth employees at this website: