Make a cake in a mug

Here is my lazy post.  Try it out and let me know how it turns out.

Make a cake in a cup

Another great recipe and cooking website with great pictures.  I get hungry just staring at the pictures.


Boy Scouts Graduate

My son’s boy scout pack graduated this past Saturday at Mary Jo Peckham Park in Katy, TX.  We got rained on just a tad but still had a great time! 

Sometimes it is nice to just be a part of something bigger. I am so proud of the pack and my son!



Thanks to everyone involved with Boy Scout Pack 542 at Rylander Elementary School in Katy, TX.   Thank you for making my son and his family feel like a welcome part of your family.  He enjoyed every activity.

A big thanks to Patti Smith who called me back after I contacted her about joining the pack and welcomed my family with a wonderful smile.  Another thanks to the Ertons. Thanks for stepping up to the plate and leading our Tiger Den (plus serving the great city of Houston as officers).

Also another thanks to Mayas, Erton, Rajas, Oggeros, Kims, Sulemanji and Deese Tiger families. Thanks to all the other Den families.  My husband was so  disappointed he did not get to attend but I always made sure to text tons of pictures.  Even my daughter enjoyed the outings.

We got rained out at the park.

We got rained out at the park.

A great pack!

A great pack!

Searching For A Tooth Fairy Kit Online

Perfect for the tooth loosing kid!

Perfect for the tooth loosing kid!

My daughter lost two baby teeth in the last two weeks.  I totally messed everything up.  I went to bed and forgot to slip that lucky coin under her pillow.  Now, I have started lookin gonline for some type of mail order tooth fairy kit.  Here is what I found:  The Official Tooth Fairy Kit with chart, deposit envelope and a little certificate.  The total cost is $16 which is a little steep for me but if I could somehow find a service that will send the money and certificate in the mail that would be great.  That way I can explain to my daughter that the tooth fairy has gone high tech because of the tough work schedule she is under.  I mean kids are really sucking down tons of sweets these days.

I plan to keep looking for a delivery service.  I will keep you posted.  What do you think about this kit?

Great home decor, fashion and pretty doodad websites to browse on the webom

Here are a couple of blogs I like to visit every so often only because the bloggers seem to have such dreamy realities.  I love looking at pretty clothes, shoes and places too!.  I try not to look too much because too much sugar is not so good.


Money Saving Blog By Houston Mom

Erins Great Money Saving Caper

Erin's Great Money Saving Caper

Check out the following  blog about saving money written by a mom here in the Houston area.

She has tons of wonderful tips and techniques for saving money.  How to buy, when to buy and what to buy.

Great Blog Erin!

Her website:

Swine Flu case found in Katy ISD school

Beckendorff Jr. High School will be closed next week because a student was diagnosed with swine flu.  Check out the Katy ISD website for more information.