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I Love Giraffes!

New Motto:

I just found out there’s no such thing as the real world
Just a lie you got to rise above

(John Mayer song:  No Such Thing)


Thanks for wanting to know about me and taking the time to read my blog.  This blog is about life here on the Gulf Coast, about finding fun family events in the area (even out of the area), about education,  and about  how a married wife of a trucker raises two kids almost like a single mom.  I can’t help it  but I must add my two cents to each post.

Please leave a comment or question.  I enjoy knowing people.


My name is Denise and I call this life Plumworld (childhood nickname).   I am the wife of a trucker and the mother of two great kids under 12.  My husband travels 99% of the time.    I am the only wife in the neighborhood who mows, edges the yard and tills the garden but I think I am the most southern belle-like of any woman around.

I love green tomatoes!

I love green tomatoes!

I live in a suburb of Houston which is the 4th largest city in the U.S and the hottest.    I am a writer, country/farm girl, interior designer, cook, artist, technology geekess and a stay-at-home mom.  I used to be a teacher and legal assistant.  I find that the only place that I am myself is on the web.

I was raised parent less by a group of grannies and aunts in a small East Texas town.  I believe that is what has made me understand how time runs.  I feel like I know what is at the end of the book of like.  Kind of like Benjamin Button.

I am also a fashion designer/seamstress/craftsman.   My daughter and I will open an Etsy store next month.  She crochets and I sew.   My son plans to create video games for other kids.  I kind of think of myself as a modern day Laura Ingalls.

Favorite Movies:  Any movie my kids like.  Right now, I recommend Wall-E, Kit Kitteridge-An American Girl, Monster House and Spy Kids for the kids.  My kids love Shaun the Sheep and Hannan Rontana.

Kid Foods:  Toaster Streudal(I ate plenty of these when I was preggy and I think my son remembers), Kellogg’s Strawberry Waffles, my cinnamon toast with homemade strawberry jam.

Current Video Game:  Woogi World.Com, WebKinz, Nintendo DS’s Brain Age, Kidzui (great web browser for kids).

Favorite Foods:   Recently enjoyed Sudie’s Catfish at the Houston Livestock and Rodeo.   Catfish King in Livingston is great. Bodacious BBQ in Livingston is delish!   Any recipe by Ree Drummond (Pioneer Woman).  She’s my kind of cook–lots of butter and butter.

Parent Motto:  Stick up for your kids especially when it comes to education.  Volunteer at your kids’ school.  As a parent, it really makes a difference when your kids see you at school. (Tell your boss you are sick that day).  Treat the teacher with kindness but let him/her know you are there for your child.

I want my kids to know life is good!  They are good.

Reach out to me here denise–at–kidskatyfamilypop[period]com or plummymom1″at”sbcglobal=dot=net=

In the next few weeks I will have my own domain and would love to write articles about people, places and things that help parents/families live better lives.   If you would like to know about a product, place or thing here or anywhere in the world let me know and I will get back to you on my blog.  Love to work with companies interested in working and giving to schools/education.


4 Responses

  1. I bookmarked your blog… it’s a great resource!

  2. Thank you for blogging. My family lives a few miles away from you and your updates are very reassuring. Please keep posting as you can. You are doing a great job.

  3. […] is still out across many parts of the city of Houston, and some phone lines are down.  Thanks to Mompaca for some excellent citizen […]

  4. I am so happy to have found a blog like yours. My family and I are moving back to the US from Norway next year after having spent a few years in Norway. We are planning on settling down in Katy, and I love to read all the info I can come by about our future home. Seeing as we have an active 8 year old boy, this is a good place for great info. Keep up the good work

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