Wiis and Christmas Shopping

Best Buy on Fry in Houston just got a new load of Wiis.  I took the bait and bought one.  They look like tons of fun.

I am going to start posting about by Christmas shopping.

My list will include:

LEGO Mindstorm- make your child an engineer!  Better than some overpriced XBOX which requires no imagination whatsoever.  Take a look at the UK website for Mind-storms.  They have extra accessories than what is offered in the States.

Girls Gourmet Cupcake Maker- Sam’s Club and Learning Express carries these cute little appliances which will appeal to anyone who loves watching those cake decorating shows on HGTV (I will review with pictures.  A group of girls is visiting my home next week.  Let’s see if they love this creation.  It really reminds me of the Easy Bake Oven I had as a kid.)  I think the girl scout troop should think about selling customized cupcakes that they make with the Gourmet Maker instead of those cookies.  People would like up for miles for a customized cupcake for that special loved one.  Just a thought……

Retailers are starting to go back in time to really see what kids really enjoy.

Christmas is coming and this year it will be on the cheap.

Rachel Ray’s magazine rocks!  Take that magazine to the store when grocery shopping.

I wish it snowed here in Houston.  I would love to spend Christmas somewhere in a cabin blockin in by a blizzard.  I am so tired of 80 degree weather.  I want to be in the mood to make French Stew.  Please someone help make my dream come true.

Have a good week and buy toys that really matter to your kids.


Hurricane Ike in Katy Texas

We made it through the hot night.  The kids slept like angels.  Power went out around midnight.  We have a battery operated radio, a power inverter (does not work), battery charger (which is running our 8″ fan).  Charged laptop before storm.  Tons of water coming in through windows on west side of house dripping down sheet rock walls and onto wood floors.  Luckily our piano did not get wet.

Thanks goodness the storm drainage located 125 yards behind our house did not overflow.  We are also lucky that we are together and safe.  Water can sucked up with dry vac.  Also, we have a gas stove and clean water.

Winds are picking up again and the water is coming down in sheets.  There was this rumbling howling noise at night.  I reported the power outage to TXU.  Now, it seems that most of Houston is without power (all except the medical center where the power lines are buried).

This storm was a little bit more than we expected.  As you know, I don’t like Houston anyway and this storm just gives me another reason to want to escape.  If anyone out there has a job for me away from Texas, please holler at me.

Hope the rest of the world is safe and sound.

Free and Low Cost Shots Provided to Katy Area Kids

Healthy Babies

Healthy Babies

Blue Cross Blue Shield’s Care Van of Texas will provide free shots on August 19th, 4 pm to 7pm at Christus St. Catherine Hospital on  S. Fry Road. 

Check out Chron.Com for more information or click the following link:  http://www.chron.com/disp/story.mpl/nb/katy/news/5920481.html

Parents and guardians should bring the child’s immunization record and/or a letter from the school.

The following vaccinations are recommended by the American Academy of Pediatrics:

• Hepatitis B

• Hepatitis B virus

• PCV, pneumococcal conjugate vaccine

• DTaP, diphtheria

• Hib, Haemophilus influenza type B bacteria

• IPV (polio)

• Influenza (flu)

• MMR, measles, mumps, and rubella (German measles)

• Varicella (chickenpox)

• MCV4, meningococcal disease, a serious bacteria infection that can lead to bacterial meningitis.

• Hepatitis A

For more information about the immunization fair, call Christa Clifton at 281-599-5181.

Breath of Life Clinic is providing a walk in clinic (no appointments necessary) on the following dates and times:

Apostolic Church at 5900 10th Street, Katy Texas on Friday, August 15th from 9:00 a.m. – 12 noon. 

Breath of Life Clinic will also offer walk in shots at their clinic location: 

 21715 Kingsland Blvd., Suite 103, Katy, Texas 77450.

The walk-in immunization schedule dates are:

Monday, August 18th and 25th

Tuesday, August 19th

Wednesday, August 20th

Thursday, August 21st

Friday,  August 22nd

Saturday, August 23rd

Please call Breath of Life Clinic for the available times at 281-398-7353. 

The immunization donation fee is $12.00 each and a parent or legal guardian MUST accompany their child to the clinic.  Please bring all immunization records. Cash only.

Breath of Life Clinic   also treats sick kids for $30, sick adults for $50, provides well-child exams and sports and school physicals.


Back-To-School Shopping At Wal-Mart

School Supplies Bought At Wal-Mart

School Supplies Bought At Wal-Mart

Wal-Mart, Katy, Texas
Wal-Mart, Katy, Texas

Texas Sales Tax Holiday On August 15th – 17th.

Glue sticks are 20 cents. My kids burn through those sticks like candy plus if you leave the top off they dry-out.

Crayons are .20 cents.  Notebook filler paper is .5 cents.

Wal-Mart has started putting out some of the back-to-school supplies. I have a feeling that this is the year you might want to stock up early.

You know all about Wal-Mart. I don’t think I need to supply a link.

Drive-In Movies In Katy….. Coming Soon

Did you know a drive-in movie theatre is in the process of being built on the far west side of Katy right here in Houston? I am so excited. Maybe, I am showing my age if I remember a time when drive-in movies were the place to be on a weekend night.

Click here for more information but I will keep you posted about when it finally opens.


Free Golf Lessons For Houston Kids…Be A Tiger

The First Tee of Houston   offers free golf lessons for kids aged 7-18 years at 8400 Mykawa Rd, Houston, TX, 77048, 713-264-2100. 

My daughter, Miss Tigerette Woods,  learned to hit a golf ball last summer while attending golf classes at the First Tee of Houston.  

 The First Tee requires registered parents and kids to attend all 6 sessions plus parents must attend an orientation prior to the start of class.

 The First Tee teaches kids about respect for yourself, respect for others and respect for your surroundings.  

The class we attended was on a Saturday morning and everyone was very hot but the kids did not seem to mind.  I think that when kids are having fun they are able to block out minor inconveniences and focus. 

WARNING:  The sessions are most likely full for the summer but you can check with them about fall sessions or even about next year’s summer session.

Coupons For Kids, Toys and Food…Check Out FreckleTown

FreckleTown website

has a bunch of money-saving coupons for the Houston/Katy area along with a long list of kids activities.

Check out the Target Coupon for a $5 discount on a toy purchase of $25 or more.

Click here.