Great home decor, fashion and pretty doodad websites to browse on the webom

Here are a couple of blogs I like to visit every so often only because the bloggers seem to have such dreamy realities.  I love looking at pretty clothes, shoes and places too!.  I try not to look too much because too much sugar is not so good.



Money Saving Blog By Houston Mom

Erins Great Money Saving Caper

Erin's Great Money Saving Caper

Check out the following  blog about saving money written by a mom here in the Houston area.

She has tons of wonderful tips and techniques for saving money.  How to buy, when to buy and what to buy.

Great Blog Erin!

Her website:

Hurricane Ike, Katy, TX Family Photos

Early Saturday morning the CenterPoint workpeople pulled up and preceded to the power pole to check the transformer.  My family and I giddly jumped into our car for a breakfast run and a grocery store run.

We returned home to find the power status in the same condition we left it in:  off

Bright spot:  breakfast was great

Hurricane Ike Updates From Around Katy, Texas

Please check out this blog for more informtion about the Katy, TX area:

Hurricane Ike in Katy Texas

We made it through the hot night.  The kids slept like angels.  Power went out around midnight.  We have a battery operated radio, a power inverter (does not work), battery charger (which is running our 8″ fan).  Charged laptop before storm.  Tons of water coming in through windows on west side of house dripping down sheet rock walls and onto wood floors.  Luckily our piano did not get wet.

Thanks goodness the storm drainage located 125 yards behind our house did not overflow.  We are also lucky that we are together and safe.  Water can sucked up with dry vac.  Also, we have a gas stove and clean water.

Winds are picking up again and the water is coming down in sheets.  There was this rumbling howling noise at night.  I reported the power outage to TXU.  Now, it seems that most of Houston is without power (all except the medical center where the power lines are buried).

This storm was a little bit more than we expected.  As you know, I don’t like Houston anyway and this storm just gives me another reason to want to escape.  If anyone out there has a job for me away from Texas, please holler at me.

Hope the rest of the world is safe and sound.