Childcare And After/Before School Care In The Houston and Katy Area

Take Care Of Your Little Ones.  They Are So Precious.

Take Care Of Your Little Ones. They Are So Precious.

Texas schools start on August 25th.

Time for busy parents to make those difficult  and heart breaking decisions.  If only Mrs. Doubtfire and Nanny McPhee were real (sigh).

Here are some childcare options in the Houston and Katy area (I am not endorsing any of these options.  I am only gossiping.  Always click on the link for more info):

Collaborative For Children, an organization in Houston which provides  childcare search services and assists with early childhood resources.  Call them to speak to a CSR or search on the website:

1-888-833-6805 or 713/600-1234

Craigslist (search with caution and care) :

Go to the Katy ISD Parents page for more childcare options:

Texas Department of Health and Family Services:

The Texas Health and Human Services Commission also has a website with a search page where you can input your zip code and find all licensed/registered childcare providers in the area:

Private:  word of mouth is also good.  A friend of mine is offering before/after school care for students who attend Rhoads Elementary in Katy, Texas.  Reply to this post with a comment and I will give you  additional information.  I will not publicize your contact information.

The YMCA provides before/after school care for elementary schools in the Katy ISD area.

Last year Katy ISD stopped sending flyers home in the Tuesday folders.   Many parents did not know that the YMCA offered before/after care at most schools was an option.

Here is the fee schedule:

The YMCA does not offer care at all Katy schools so please call them and check on where they offer services.  The fee for before and after care is $285 for members of the YMCA and $315 for non-members.

If the fees are a little expensive for you or if like me you have more than one child than please contact the YMCA and they will charge you a fee based on family income which may end up costing you less than the fees posted.  You will have to provide your tax forms and W-2s for verification.

Hope that helps.


Free Kids Tennis Lessons…..At Houston Area Parks

The City of Houston, Texas provides

 free tennis

lessons during the 2008 summer months at various city parks.  My kids took lessons five days a week last summer.  They even provide a tennis raquet.   At the end of the summer there is a city-wide tennis tournament at Memorial Park.

Check out the link below:


here or

$1.00 Summer Family Films $1.00…Studio Movie Grill

Studio Movie Grill of Copperfield, 8580 Highway 6 North & West Road, Houston, TX 77095

will start a Summer Family Film Series on June 9th through August 21st.  The first movie in the series is SpongeBob (PG).  The movies will be Monday-Thursday @ 11am.