Gardening Supplies and Plant Places Near Houston

Dilorio Farms Lawn Furniture

Peanut Patties

Peanut Patties

Dilorio Farms Lawn Furniture

Everyone is trying to save money these days on food .  This year how about growing  your own vegetables in your own backyard garden?  Today my husband and I took an unplanned trip to Dilorio Farms in Hempstead, TX to buy soil and seeds for our garden.Here is the weblink to Dilorio Farms located about 45 minutes west of Houston of 290.  Dilorio’s stocks all kinds of bagged soil along with seeds, seedlings and plants.  They have tons of locally grown garden produce along with jams, jellies and fresh peanuts.   I was very surprised to find locally grown rice and beans.

We purchased compost soil, top soil and my husband’s favorite cow manure from Hempstead market place.  We also purchased potato seedlings, onion seedlings, corn seeds and beet seeds (I love beets!)  The open air store  has  bunches of different yard ornaments like cute two-story bird houses, unpainted wood lawn furniture and  octagon picnic tables like the one pictured above.   The store also sells fresh roasted peanuts.  Check out the Dilorio Farms website for directions from 290 and check the store out in the summer when they start selling those red, ripe Hempstead watermelons.

We really need more dirt than the dirt we purchased at Dilorios for our garden.   So far the only thing we have been able to grow in our Katy clay soil is Rosemary.  A big giant rosemary bush.   Wish us luck this year with our veggie garden.

I will keep you posted on what actually grows in the Katy, Texas clay.



Visiting Fruit and Veggies Farms In Houston Area… Visit a Farm Located in Cypress, Katy, Rosenberg, Richmond or Houston

We did not pick the turnips, peppers or tomatoes.  We just bought these.  They are so nice to admire.Today, my kids and I picked blackberries for about an hour at the

Matt Family Orchard out in Cypress, Texas about an 8 minute drive from 290 and Highway 6.

I plan to make some awesome  blackberry jelly and a tasy blackberry cobbler.

And when I do I plan to post the pictures for the world to see.

Thanks to Helene Erickson’s Blog “Inside Katy” and the Houston Chronicle article on blackberries for providing me with some great information about farms in the area.  The websites and location guide on where to pick the blackberries and and other little tasty vegetables were referenced in both websites.

Also check out this blog by a Kim Pina, a writer, living in Sugarland where she reviews and links to several area farmer’s markets.

If you know of any other locations, please send me a comment.  Also, if you have a recipe for blackberry cobbler send it to me today!