Payless Halloween Shoes And My Fabulous 41 year old legs

Gwen Stefani Payless Shoes

Gwen Stefani Payless Shoes

Today, I bought some cheap summer canvas shoes for the kids and me at Payless.  My daughter pointed these out and told me to try them out.

Who would buy these shoes?  Where would you be going?

I am 5’7″ and I was feeling like a giant girl.  These are the type of shoes you wear in a music video for about 5 minutes with a Harajuku girl.  They would be cute as part of a Halloween costume but I have never had to wear any type of costume that matches that kind of shoe.

You should have seen the Giraffe flats.  They were so cute but I have nowhere to wear them plus they are not practical for cutting the yard and killing fire ants.


Mary Jo Peckham Park….Free Put-Put Golf West Houston Katy

I will post directions, maps later.

Great park to take a family especially on days like today. Mild and sunny.

My compute is being devoured by a big ugly virus and I am too busy to re-install everything.  I need my bookmarks.

Busy with my LEGO team.  We are having a air quality expert speak to us on Sunday.  I worry that some parents who want their kids to be on the team are really over-booking their kids.  They are still great parents but maybe the kids need to concentrate on just 3 things/groups at a time not 10 events a week.  But everyone is sweet and nice.  I love working with the robot and learning.   The kids are making me feel like I am 11 again and for once that is a positive feeling.