Great home decor, fashion and pretty doodad websites to browse on the webom

Here are a couple of blogs I like to visit every so often only because the bloggers seem to have such dreamy realities.  I love looking at pretty clothes, shoes and places too!.  I try not to look too much because too much sugar is not so good.



Money Saving Blog By Houston Mom

Erins Great Money Saving Caper

Erin's Great Money Saving Caper

Check out the following  blog about saving money written by a mom here in the Houston area.

She has tons of wonderful tips and techniques for saving money.  How to buy, when to buy and what to buy.

Great Blog Erin!

Her website:

Art By My Daughter

Family Art

Family Art-Our family according my 9 yar-old daughter. She loves to draw and I am always trying to be encouraging. I hang my kids' art up in the dining room of our house which I call "The Gallery".

Sewing A Winter Jacket For Your Kids….Or At Least Tries

Daughter's Jacket

Daughter's Jacket

Here is a picture of the jacket I am working on for my daughter.  She loves the color red.  The pattern is from Burda.  Trying to save as much money as possible in these lean times.  What do you think?  Drop me a comment and I will email you the pattern number and other helpful hints.

Great Healthy Snacks to Take to Meetings, Team and Scout Group Get -Togethers

Mandarin oranges. (cuties) They were a big hit at the LEGO GS team meeting.  They are on sale at Randall’s for about $5.00 and are a total of of about 20 or so.  My kids like sticking straws into them and being messy.

Just passing on information to the those parents who always have to take a snack to some type of kid meeting.

Hurricane Ike: Power, CenterPoint and Kids

Please note:  All the opinions expressed in this blog are mine alone.  I do not work for the Food Stamp office, CenterPoint or FEMA.  If I know a website that I can point you to for the information you need, I will email you the information.  Keep trying to get the help you need and never give up.

Thanks to all of you who shared your stores, offered encouragement and gave a positive vibe to all who read the blog.  I think the children (everywhere) did a great job through this little storm trouble.  The kids learned to play outside and to share our Nintendo charge power with other kids in the neighborhood.  I could say my family and I are back to normal but really ….who wants to go back to (power gluttony) normal?

My heart goes out to all of those still without power.   I know it is a long waiting game.  Call CenterPoint right now if you do not have power.  Next, try the mayor of Houston.

The Houston Chronicle is having a contest on the best “no electricity” story.  The best story writer wins a spa treatment.  Check this site for more information:

In my opinion, eating out every day is not a big thrill.  It is so nice to bake some biscuits in the morning for breakfast.  My kids are back to eating pancakes and toaster strudel.  I think that the kids kind of miss the doughnuts and kolaches but we were starting to go bankrupt on the food bills.

We have power now but I do worry about having to depend on one entity for electricity.  My husband and I have talked about installing a few solar panels or a natural gas generator (one that acts as back-up power connected to home gas line).

I have bought a few groceries however I am still afraid the stock-up the freezer right now.  Many people took a big hit as far as the food/grocery bill goes in Houston.  Houston is very humid/hot in the month of September (when is Houston not sweltering hot?) and food without refrigeration does not last longer than a day.  The only refrigerated food item I was able to save was butter.  Yes, butter.   I love baking and I tend to buy the 4 block package of butter from Sam’s club.

Everyone, please keep safe and most importantly….keep cool!

Always Free Art Museum in Houston, TX For Kids …Contemporary Arts Museum

Visit the Contemporary Arts Museum of Houston in the big steel building next to Herman Park:

Last summer my kids and I visited this always free museum located at 5216 Montrose, 713-284-8250.   

It is so surprising that my kids got a chance to be exposed to different types of art for free.    I think they learned to value the drawings and colorings they do in a different light.  I even created a museum in a wall in our home to display my kids artwork from school and home.

The museum is a great place to visit especially on a hot summer day.  The museum is located two blocks south of  Houston’s  Children’s Museum.