Birthday Party Planning Step One: Cakes or Cupcakes and Moonwalks

SpongeBob Cupcake Cake

Sponge Bob Cupcake Cake

Step OneDetermine the number of kids at the party. Order the cake based on that number.  Remember to add a few extra numbers for little sisters and brothers. No kid likes to see other kids chowing down on something sweet without being included.  I would come up with a number.

Let’s say you expect 10 kids for the party add extras for the parents/siblings.  In this case I would order 24 cupcakes for the party.

I purchased this cupcake cake at Kroger’s for $19.99 (Wal-Mart had the same designs as Kroger’s).  I think cupcake cakes are the best darn invention since straws.  At my son’s party, all I had to do was hand each child a over frosted cupcake.  No knives or bowls of water needed.

I do think that I would have gotten a better deal at Sam’s Club for a cupcake cake (around 14 bucks) but Sam’s Club designs are limited.  Yes, I can make a mean cake but do I want to be stressed out?  Yep, I would have saved close to $16 but I think my time is more valuable than the bucks required  for that store bought cake.

What do you prefer cupcakes or cakes or one of those big ole cookies?

My son told me that the best things about his party were the moonwalk, his friends attending and that fabulous pinata I purchased from a  Latin mercado/meat market/taco stand store on North Fry Road (which I will tell the location as soon as I drive that way because they had unique pinatas plus they were cheaper than WallyMart).

Of course, let me mention the 4-in1 combo moonwalk again because it totally rocked.  The delivery people dropped it off at 10:30 a.m. and returned to pick it up around 7:00 p.m. which was the right amount of time because all the kids were too pooped to jump anymore.

Chance at Lonestar Moonwalks and Party Supply was really helpful on the phone.  Mention you saw their moonwalk on this blog and you get a discount.

Lonestar Moonwalks

Lonestar Moonwalks

Here are a couple of more pics of the party:

Inside Moonwalk-Obstacle Course

Inside Moonwalk-Obstacle Course

Hit that Spongy

Hit that Spongy

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Katy Mills Mall In Houston, TX Is The Place To Find A Webkinz

Here are a few photos of the always interesting Katy Mills Mall  located in Katy, Texas 30 miles west of Houston. 

I enjoyed a couple of hours looking for my son a Large Toad Webkinz in Katy Mills Mall today. 

 I want you to know that there are at least 5 stores in the mall that stock the small and large Webkinz online stuffed toy game.    The prices ranged from $9.99 to $18.99.  There was also a Webkinz claw machine in the food court for .50 cents [you know that little machine that has the claw and you get one big grab]. 

I did have a little trouble understanding that one could not locate Webkinz at W-mart.  One place to start searching for your own little Webkinz is on the the Ganz Locator Website. 

I originaly visited Toys-r-not-us but they have changed from the Webkinz line as listed on their website to the “Star Light” line.  Thanks for letting me know this before I dove out into the Houston heat to the store which is located next door to the Katy Mills Mall.

Katy Mills Mall is not the place to go on the weekend  with kids under the age of 25 if you live only 12 minutes away [as I do] only because there are so many tourists visiting the mall on the weekends.   There is a rockwall, carousel,  free children’s play area, gaming center and extra large food court in the middle of the mall.