Katy ISD Closed Today, April 28th, Due To Overnight Flooding


On the way to drop the kids off for school I noticed that the only place I saw flooding was Clay Road at Fry where a low place at the intersection was almost impassable.  Imagine my surprise when we pulled up to a deserted school with only a sign that said “School Closed”.  My kids and I did not notice this morning that the buses did not pass by the house.

We had a vicious thunderstorm last evening with high winds and pounding rains for a couple of hours.  I checked the weather because I worried that we were having a mini-hurricane.   The electricity flashed on and off about 12 times.  Each time I breathed a sigh of relief after the power was restored.  I don’t want to go without power for 17 days like we did during  Hurricane Ike last fall.

Today was an important day in Texas schools because this was supposed to be TAKs (state) testing day. Many schools in Houston are either closed or have delayed start times.  After watching several local news stations, looks to me that the delayed start time schools need to close completely due to the usual flooding areas of the city.  One bright side of the plentiful rain is that the drought is now over here.

My kids are in hog heaven because of their unexpected vacation day from school. It only took them 1 hour before they started their daily fighting.

We are very fortunate that I am able to be at home today with my kids. My husband is somewhere on the East coast. I am happy he is not stuck down here in his truck on some freeway. I am thankful that we are together and I am not stuck somewhere cross town in traffic.

We in Texas consider this one of our snow days since everything has come to a dead stop. The flooding is more due to the infrastructure of Houston than with the storm itself. After all Houston was built on a swamp so what can we expect to happen.

One thing that is really yucky is all of the big long cockroaches running around out on the sidewalk after being driven out of the storm drains. Yuck! The roaches were also crowded around our front door trying to piggy back on our backs into the warm house. We checked each others hair and backs after rushing through the front door.

My daughter took a picture of sky during rain storm last night.

My daughter took a picture of sky during rain storm last night.