Great home decor, fashion and pretty doodad websites to browse on the webom

Here are a couple of blogs I like to visit every so often only because the bloggers seem to have such dreamy realities.  I love looking at pretty clothes, shoes and places too!.  I try not to look too much because too much sugar is not so good.



Money Saving Blog By Houston Mom

Erins Great Money Saving Caper

Erin's Great Money Saving Caper

Check out the following  blog about saving money written by a mom here in the Houston area.

She has tons of wonderful tips and techniques for saving money.  How to buy, when to buy and what to buy.

Great Blog Erin!

Her website:

School Shopping For A 1st Grader

First Grade Rocks

First Grade RocksFashions For First Graders

My son will be in 1st grade this year.  You know the grade level where everything gets all serious. 

On the first day of school, he will rock (wear) the red shirt above that says “First Grade Rocks”  along with pants I constructed out of bandannas.

If you like the shirt check out Veri Meri Tees.  They do not have a store in the Houston area so that means you have to order online.  I must add that at this time the 1st grade shirt is sold out but they do have the “Kinder Rocks” and “Pre-K rocks” shirts in stock plus other designs like a dog and rocket.  I wish they had a “Fourth Grade Flies”  or something like that for my daughter.

Veri Meri  also has a design-a-t-shirt contest where kids can design t-shirt online and submit it to the site for a vote.  If your kid has the winning design, then he/she wins a shirt and becomes a designer on Project Runway (ha ha).  Not only does your sweetie win a free shirt but they also get a cut of the proceeds from the sale of their winning design.

PTA people might want to check this site out for a great fund raising idea.  The kids at the school get to design a shirt, vote and then a percent of the proceeds from the sale of the shirt go to that school.  This idea has got to be better than that Entertainment Book.

Each shirt comes with a matching tattoo with the same image as the shirt.  How about a tattoo that has my child’s name on them.

School Supply Shopping For Writing Tablets In Houston

Westside Learning Spot is a teacher supply store but a parent can find everything a student needs including many of those hard-to-find items on the school supply lists like writing tablets and construction paper. 
If convenience not price is what you need, then shop here and avoid the lines.
You will find in the store the type of stuff that teachers have in their classrooms. 
I buy manuscript charts and spelling charts for my kids.  The charts really help my kids when they are doing their homework.  Also, parents can purchase workbooks and hands-on math kits for your students for that extra help at home. 
Big Chief Tablet

Big Chief Tablet

If your parents had to buy one of these for you when you were in school, then you are probably my age. 

Want to know where in Houston to buy one?

Westside Learning Spot aka Southwest Teacher Supply

They are located on the Barker Cypress exit feeder road on I-10.

School Supplies

School Supply Lists For Katy ISD


School Supply Shopping

School Supply Shopping

Here are links to the school supply lists for Katy ISD and Cyfair ISD schools.

Katy ISD Supply List

Cy-Fair ISD List

Of course as a former teacher, I have prepared a list of supplies that in my opinion all elementary school kids require on the first day of school.  Don’t get stressed out about finding everything on the supply list.  If the teacher does not receive enough supplies for the classroom, he/she will usually send home a list of items that are needed for specific projects throughout the year.

School Supplies To Buy Now

School Supplies To Buy Now

Pencils/pencil sharpener (Try to buy real wood pencils.  The really cheap pencils break constantly and never seem to sharpen.)


Crayons (buy 2 boxes, 1 for school now and another for January)

Plastic Crayon Box

Colored Pencils (Map Pencils)

Loose leaf notebook paper

Glue Sticks


Tissues, Klenex – 3 boxes minimum (with the allergy epidemic in “clean air” Houston classrooms seem to need tissues the most during the school year)

Plastic folder with brads and pockets (a plastic folder will hold up better when your child brings home all of those graded assignments every week)

Backpack- I suggest you buy a JanSport/Hannah Anderson brand or order online from Land’s End  [Land’s End allows you to return backpacks for any reason.]

L.L. Bean  .

Try to get a backpack with a warranty so you will not end up buying another backpack around Thanksgiving. 

I would skip the $5 backpack if you can afford to. 

 I will continue to add more suggestions later….

Texas Tax Free List For Sales Tax Holiday August 15th-August 17th


Tax Free Shopping

Tax Free Shopping

Get ready for tax free shopping this Friday, Saturday and Sunday in Texas stores. 

As a parent, I have to think about saving the equivalent of two or three happy meals this weekend  in sales tax versus spending the weekend standing in long lines and fighting traffic.

Remember:  School supplies are not tax-exempt.  I have not been able to determine if lunch kits are exempt.   I do know all backpacks under $100 are exempt if they do not have the metal frame inside like luggage.

Not Tax-Free

Not Tax-Free

Here is the official tax-free list from the Texas Comptroller’s Office:

Here is an abbreviated tax free list from the Fox News site

List of Items and Their Exemption Status


  • Baby clothes
  • Backpacks for use by elementary and secondary students
  • Belts with attached buckles
  • Boots – cowboy, hiking
  • Caps/hats – baseball, fishing, golf, knitted
  • Coats and wraps
  • Diapers – adult and baby
  • Dresses
  • Gloves (generally)
  • Gym suits and uniforms
  • Hooded shirts and hooded sweatshirts
  • Hosiery
  • Jackets
  • Jeans
  • Jerseys – baseball and football
  • Jogging apparel
  • Neckwear and ties
  • Pajamas
  • Pants and trousers
  • Raincoats and ponchos
  • Robes
  • Shirts
  • Shoes – sandals, slippers, sneakers, tennis, walking
  • Socks (including athletic)
  • Shorts
  • Suits, slacks, and jackets
  • Sweatshirts
  • Sweat suits
  • Sweaters
  • Swimsuits
  • Underclothes
  • Work clothes and uniforms

I plan to work with what clothes we already have  left from last year and wait for the Columbus day sales in October.

Happy shopping!

Searching For Backpacks For Back-To-School In Houston

Kids With Packpacks.

Kids With Packpacks.

 I am looking for a sturdy backpacks for the kids and this is what I have found so far while shopping. 

Sam’s Club has Wired Laptop Backpacks for sale. 
They look very sturdy and have these neat little openings for IPOD/computer cords.  
Sam’s Club has a large selection of the backpacks and they are priced at $39.63
Laptop Backpacks At Sam's ClubLaptop Backpacks At Sam's
Laptop Backpacks At Sam’s Club

Sam’s Club also has regular backpacks on sale for $14.84. 

 I checked the label and they appear to be a Sam’s Club brand.
Sam's Club Backpacks Close-up

Backpacks At Sam’s Club

Backpacks At Sam's Club

  I checked out the Kroger’s store on Fry Road.  Kroger’s has insulated front pocket backpacks

Kind of a lunchkit/backpack combo.  They also have really cute messenger bags for $12.99 and up. 

BackpacksKrogerKroger Backpacks


Kroger’s also has themed lunchkits like Barbie and Spiderman for $4.99.