Katy ISD Last Day of School For Students is June 4th

education Last day of classes for students who attend Katy ISD (according to the Katy ISD. Org website) will be June 4th with early dismissal on that day.

My kids are excited about the summer.  The kids do well in school but I know they also enjoy sleeping-in and staying up late during the summer months.  I am a little sad because this may be the last summer that I might share with kids before heading back into the trenches to work once again.  I am not looking forward to 2 1/2 commutes and hurried days.   We Americans really need to get the emphasis back on families not on jobs as a measure of ones worth to society.

“The hand that rocks the cradle rules the world.”


TAKS Testing Good Luck Students

As a former teacher, I really miss TAKs testing day.  It was the quietest day in the school the whole year.  It was a really big day for the students but kind of a release the stress day for the teachers.  I think you were feeling that you (the teacher) did the best that you could with the resources that you had.  I do feel for the students but who among us as adults have not had to take some big test that decided everything.  For instance what about your driver license test or finals in college where everything was riding on one 24 hour block of time.

I do think there should be others factors figured into the test.  What factors???  I don’t know because I need to look at every study and every pro and con for testing.

Good Luck to all the wonderful students!  One test does not make a life or end a life.  Just try again.

Back-To-School Sales and Backpacks Tax Free Shopping In Texas

Hannah Anderson Boy's Backpack

Hannah Anderson Boy's Backpack

They Are So Cute!

UpdateSam’s club has backpacks for under $15.00.  They are not the roller/wheeled ones but they look sturdy.

The backpack is not listed on the website but it is in the store.


Check out the Disney Store for backpacks and lunchkits.  I bought my son’s backpack last year from the Disney Store for 50% off about one week before school started. 

The upper portion of his backpack did tear but I managed to repair it with my sewing machine and all was well.   In other words, I would go with a more expensive backpack and not go with the cheapest.

Today I visited the Academy Sports and Outdoors  store on the Grand Parkway and I-10. 


Academy JanSport Backpack

Academy JanSport Backpack

They have a very nice roller wheeled backpack for $19.99.   They are great for the price but they do not have the automatic release on the handle which I think the kids need when they are at school.

For some reason Academy does not have the wheeled $19.99 backpacks listed on the website nor are they located in the section next to the “school backpacks”.  The wheeled backpack is located next to the doggie kennals in the back aisle of the store.

Academy also carries JanSport backpacks for $29.99 and up which have a one year warranty for things like a broken zipper. 

The wheeled JanSport backpack starts at $59.00.  Here is the JanSport website if you want to read up on their warranty:  http://www.jansport.com/js_warranties.php



Girls' Skirt From Hannah Anderson Last year I purchased a  really sturdy messenger backpack for my daughter at Hannah Anderson, a store located in the Galleria.   The one I bought from Hannah Anderson last year held up so well that there really is no need for me to buy another backpack this year. 

They really have some of the most uniquely designed backpacks and the cutest children’s clothes (see backpacks above).  

They also carry matching lunchkits and pencil cases. 

The lunchkits attatch to the back of the backpack.  They offer free catalogs on their websites.Hannah Anderson Messenger Bag From Last Year

The kids really are required to carry too much on their backs everyday to school but that is something I need to comment on in my other blog.

Here is the website for the Hannah Anderson store:  http://www.hannaandersson.com/category.asp?id=toys_backpacks+%26+more&cm_re=Fall%202008-_-Mouse%20Over%20Navigation-_-Toys%20Backpacks%20More

Their clothes are mostly made of that soft cotton. 

Check them out!

School Supplies On Sale Now

Brown Pig  at Target

Brown Pig at Target

Update:  Wal-Mart is stocked and ready to be shopped.  The lunchkits are now at 6.98.  They will be gone by August 1st. 

 Texas Sales Tax Holiday on August 15th-17th

Lunchkits For 6.99 At Wal-Mart

Lunchkits For 6.99 At Wal-Mart

Texas schools start on August 25th.

School supplies are in stock and on sale at Target.  The word “in stock” is the most important thing to keep in mind.

I got a 10 pack of Bic pens for .50 and several of the plastic folders with pockets for .29.

I also picked up a Hannah Montana dry erase board in the $1.00 section.  They are great for writing grocery lists and “things to do lists” on.  Buy now for Christmas.

Target School Folders With Pockets

Target School Folders With Pockets

Hannah Montana Dry Erase Board $1.00

Hannah Montana Dry Erase Board $1.00

Target Signs

Target Signs

The regular paper folders with pockets were .10.

Learn from me and shop early.

Last year I waited until the week school started and I had a hard time finding those plastic folders with pockets.

Target Back-To-School Shopping

Target Back-To-School Shopping

Stock up on the crayon packs for the little ones. Crayons are usually broken and worn down by January.

Free Kids Summer Fun ….Kleb Woods Nature Preserve, Hiking, Kids Picnic Area, Farm

Kleb Woods Nature Preserve


Nature Center and Heritage Park, Tomball, Texas.  281-357-5324.   It is a park, nature trail, event place, farm visit, forest hike, bird sighting and butterfly station all rolled into one. 

My family and I were taking a scenic tour of Mueschke Road today and stumbled upon this nature/park preserve located in NW Harris County near the historic community of Rose Hill on FM 2929.

 If you know anything about  NW Houston, you know that the hills start to roll and trees reach for the skies blocking some of that Houston, Texas humidity.   The nature trail was wonderful.  It was just me and my family walking through the peaceful woods.

We were the only people in the park besides the Harris County Precint 3 Police and Parks Patrol.

I will leave you with the pictures for now and give you more review later.

 The facility is open from 7 am until dusk daily.