Skate parks in Houston, Texas

Where to find city skate parks in Houston, TX:


Summer Free Family Movies In Houston At Edwards Marq*E 23

*Update:  Here is the FAndago website where you can get more information by city:
Free Summer Film Festival This Summer in Houston at the Edwards Houston Marq*E 23. 
The nine-week festival takes place on Tuesday and Wednesday mornings at 10 a.m. 

Free films showing this summer include "Hotel For Dogs", "Kung-Fu Panda"  and "Shrek The Third".

The free films begin on June 2nd.  The movie theater will also offer a special price on the "Kids Reel Meal"  combo pack.

The Edwards Marq*E is 

that big movie theater located at I-10 and 610 next to IKEA at7620 Katy Freeway Houston, TX 77024

Here is the website:

How To Plan A Kid Birthday Party In The Houston Area In 20 Easy Steps


My son’s birthday party was today and I am too pooped to upload pictures.  Here is my homemade  milk chocolate cake from last Friday night. 

 It was a great party.  You know cake, moonwalk with a slide (Big Ups to Lonestar Moonwalks and Party Supply), sherbert party punch(did not go over well), pinatas (one of the best things about the party), pizza, goody bags, party website..the usual stuff.

This week I will give you the tips you need to save money and throw a party that looks like tons of trouble but is not really that darn much.  During this economic slowdown in the country parents are looking to save money on a birthday party but they are not willing to just not have a party.  People will always scrap together two cents to either pay for a kids birthday party or pay for a wedding (of course in Texas I will include the Quinceañera party for young ladies too) no matter how broke they are or what bill needs to be paid.

By the way,  Lonestar Moonwalks and Party Supply is offering a 10% discount to parents in the Houston area who mention they saw this post on the web.  More about my pleasant experience with this company later.

Coming on Monday, April 20th.

April Easter Egg Hunt Events In The Houston Area

Easter Egg Hunts

Easter Egg Hunts

Updated April 9th, 2009

If you know about an upcoming event and would like it posted, please leave me a comment and I will reply.

Please call and confirm details before attending the following events:



Gardening Supplies and Plant Places Near Houston

Dilorio Farms Lawn Furniture

Peanut Patties

Peanut Patties

Dilorio Farms Lawn Furniture

Everyone is trying to save money these days on food .  This year how about growing  your own vegetables in your own backyard garden?  Today my husband and I took an unplanned trip to Dilorio Farms in Hempstead, TX to buy soil and seeds for our garden.Here is the weblink to Dilorio Farms located about 45 minutes west of Houston of 290.  Dilorio’s stocks all kinds of bagged soil along with seeds, seedlings and plants.  They have tons of locally grown garden produce along with jams, jellies and fresh peanuts.   I was very surprised to find locally grown rice and beans.

We purchased compost soil, top soil and my husband’s favorite cow manure from Hempstead market place.  We also purchased potato seedlings, onion seedlings, corn seeds and beet seeds (I love beets!)  The open air store  has  bunches of different yard ornaments like cute two-story bird houses, unpainted wood lawn furniture and  octagon picnic tables like the one pictured above.   The store also sells fresh roasted peanuts.  Check out the Dilorio Farms website for directions from 290 and check the store out in the summer when they start selling those red, ripe Hempstead watermelons.

We really need more dirt than the dirt we purchased at Dilorios for our garden.   So far the only thing we have been able to grow in our Katy clay soil is Rosemary.  A big giant rosemary bush.   Wish us luck this year with our veggie garden.

I will keep you posted on what actually grows in the Katy, Texas clay.


Girl Scout Troop Being Formed At Rhoads Elementary in Katy Texas

A Girl Scout troop is being formed at Rhoads Elementary in Katy, Texas.  The school is located on Clay Road next to Fry road.  There is not a lot of parent involvement in the school because of the demographic and because it is new.  If a business or company can help the school form more of a community, please contact the PTA and help us out.  There are so many students who would benefit from an after-school program.  These are kids from under middle-class families who need an outlet.

Please Obama.  Please make every school have an after-school enrichment program.  These kids should learning how to dance, sew, make art, skate, fix computers, gardening, learn other languages etc.

Katy, Texas is just like any Title I area.  The parents need help and the school needs help.

I would love to start an after school robotics program but I need help from area businesses and other parents.

All schools need after-school enrichment.  The education system needs to be over-hauled with technology….just my little opinion.

I plan to apply for a job in Obama’s cabinet as some type of educational aide.  Good luck to me and to the world.

Houston/Katy Photographers’ Beautiful Portraits For The Holidays

Update:   Mention to Mr. Diaz that you saw this post about “Watch Me Grow Portrait Studio” on this website and he will provide a free sitting fee plus a 8 x 10 portrait.  Stop by his studio and take a look at all the beautiful portraits of families.  Book early before the Thanksgiving and Christmas rush.

These beautiful family portraits were taken by photographer, Martin Diaz of “Watch Me Grow Portrait Studio” in Houston.  The studio is located on the Grand Parkway next to HEB grocery store in Katy, Texas.  Here is the “Watch Me Grow Portrait Studio” contact information:

6711 South Fry Road, Katy, TX 281-574-4422.

It is not too early to start thinking about Christmas portraits for the family.

Up until last year I ran around to all of the “plain” picture taking places like Sears, Picture People and Penney’s.  Never again.  I used to make an appointment over the phone, spend two hours getting my kids all pretty, rush to the mall and wait, wait, wait………..   By the time it was my families’ turn to take our pictures the kids were grumpy and there was no way any photographer was getting a smile from the kids.

The studio is quiet and private.   Trust this photographer because he knows about what poses, props and backgrounds look best for the family.  He is very warm and friendly which comes in handy when the kids get a little inpatient.

All photography is the property of Martin Diaz.  Please contact Mr. Diaz for permissions.